Newsletter | September 14, 2020

09.14.20 -- 5 Steps To Prepare For A Third-Party Drug Price Evaluation

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Democratic And Republican Health Priorities In The Next Administration

With the conventions and a contentious summer behind them, both political parties are laying out their agendas for the next four years. What are the Democratic and Republican health priorities?

5 Steps To Prepare For A Third-Party Drug Price Evaluation

Planning for and mitigating an external review requires proactive team preparation and is crucial to ensure drug success. Here are five steps to take to prepare for evaluations and ensure that your drugs receive reasonable price recommendations.

How Flexion Pivoted To Become A Commercial Biotech

Unfortunately, Flexion’s incorporation coincided with the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008, and the assumption that large pharmas would pay premiums for successful proof of concept assets came under pressure.

Public-Private Partnerships Can Lead To Long-Term Success

How to plan for, and reap the benefits of, a public-private partnership. Here’s a hint: It won’t be easy.

Web-Exclusive Articles
A Word From Germany On U.S. Manufacturing Productivity

Of 367 production plants BASF operates worldwide, six are Verbund sites. Those six produce more than 50 percent of all BASF volumes. A CEO of a U.S.-based CDMO thinks Verbund is the kind of thinking needed at drug development and manufacturing facilities in this country.

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The Unusual Backstory Of The MiMedx Cover Feature

Ever wonder how a pharma executive gets to be on the cover of Life Science Leader? For Tim Wright, CEO of MiMedx, it was a chance encounter at a leadership conference a few years ago.

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