Newsletter | July 8, 2021

07.08.21 -- A Data-Driven Approach, Enabling Technology, & Development Solutions

The Value Of Expertise In The Aseptic Fill Finish Of Biologics
Aseptic fill finish manufacturing is especially critical for highly valuable biologics drug substances, since with vast amounts of time and resources invested upstream, any errors resulting in loss of product at such a late stage can be catastrophic.
Data-Driven Approach Optimizes Robust, Scalable Lyophilization Process

Selecting the right manufacturing partner with appropriate lyophilization expertise, experience, and leading-edge data and analytical capabilities can reduce the drug development process and expedite time-to-market.

Solutions To Common Pains In The Clinical And Commercial Phase Of Pharmaceutical Development

Explore some major obstacles faced when bringing a new pharmaceutical product to market, including quality issues, market demand, supply constraints, and international manufacturing, and some solutions to prevent or address them.

Minimizing API Supply Chain Risks

Partnering with an API CMO can help you navigate challenges you may encounter, ensuring you are using best quality practices and minimizing delays in getting medicines to market.

An Enabling Technology: Hot Melt Extrusion

Whether you wish to improve the bioavailability, enhance the solubility, mask an unpleasant taste, modulate drug release, or address drug stability issues, extrusion can deliver on these objectives and more.

3 Key Considerations When Choosing A Partner For Your Tech Transfer

One way to streamline tech transfer is to partner with a CMO demonstrating a proven track record across the entire drug development and manufacturing continuum.