Newsletter | September 13, 2023

09.13.23 -- A New Paradigm For Patient Engagement And Recruitment

How Advocacy Groups Can Motivate, Mobilize Participation In Trials

The more the patient community is involved, the better the entire clinical process will be. While patient advocacy groups serve a variety of functions, perhaps their most important role is that of educating their constituents, particularly when it comes to clinical trials.


Emerging Biopharma Operationalizes Seamless Experience For Stakeholders

Emerging biopharma companies often conduct clinical trials with far fewer resources than their Big Pharma counterparts. In this webinar, learn how Incyte meets the needs of multiple stakeholders while ensuring operational efficiency, study success, and enterprise scale.


Operation Warp Speed: Behind The Fastest-Recruiting COVID-19 Clinical Trial

A biotech developing a vaccine against COVID-19 was set to conduct a large Phase III trial. Within days of launch, multiple recruitment partners across several specializations and recruiting methodologies mobilized to instantly and simultaneously begin referring patients.



Finally, An End-To-End Patient Recruitment Platform

Citeline Connect is a powerful platform that connects your clinical trial to a vetted global referral network of healthcare professionals, recruitment partners, advocacy organizations, and other key stakeholders. Study sponsors can reach — and enroll — diverse patient populations worldwide.

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