Newsletter | August 5, 2022

08.05.22 -- Address T-Cell Manufacturing Challenges: Rationale-Based Methodology

The Journey Into Cell & Gene Therapy

Hear about our venture into the development and manufacturing of viral vector gene therapies and how we are overcoming challenges and maintaining our commitment to our partners.

Manufacturing Strategies To Industrialize Autologous Cell Therapies

While the first autologous cell therapy commercial products have shown tremendous clinical success, scaling out these therapies while considering individual patient processes is a new challenge.

Allogeneic T-Cell Therapies: Efficient Commercial Manufacturing Readiness

A rationale-based methodology to address T-cell manufacturing challenges, based on the intended final manufacturing process, proposes a robust, scalable, cost-effective, and sustainable allogeneic platform.

Practical, Innovative Solutions For AAV Development, Manufacturing

Explore case studies for neuromuscular degenerative indications, AAV technology and manufacturing, and strategies for navigating the regulatory environments in the U.S. and Europe.