Newsletter | July 13, 2021

07.13.21 -- Adjusting Your Supply Chain For Success


Healthcare innovations, driven by advancements in clinical pharmacology, are being introduced at an unprecedented pace. Smaller drug innovator organizations rely on contract development and manufacturing organizations (CDMOs) for the capabilities they lack, and this is an intentional business model to keep their operations lean and cost-effective. But what happens when supply chains are impacted by logistics, difficult-to-find clinical trial materials, expensive APIs, or even a worldwide pandemic?


In this edition of "Adjusting Your Supply Chain for Success," we examine innovative ways of doing things, from accelerating the start of a new project to how service providers can help CFOs in pharma companies controlled by private equity. Supply chain optimizations sets a more efficient path for tech transfers, drug repurposing, and project kick-off, and, thus, end-to-end project success.

Complex Supply Chain Optimization With Innovation

We have a longstanding mantra, “Challenges frame opportunities.” This applies to how we intentionally innovate, modernize, and introduce new capabilities and expand capacity.

Streamlining The Initial Steps Of Your Outsourced Pharmaceutical Project

Getting through the initial stages of a complex pharmaceutical project that is outsourced to a CDMO can be like launching a rocket. Incorporating a few key practices early in an outsourcing relationship can deliver the thrust needed to get projects quickly moving.

Drug Repurposing Advantages And Strategies

Drug repurposing, the process of identifying new therapeutic uses for old, existing, or available drugs, is an effective strategy in discovering or developing drug molecules with new pharmacological and therapeutic indications.

5 Key Factors For A Successful Tech Transfer

Each tech transfer comes with a unique set of complex processes that need to be understood. While it includes the transfer of analytical methods and manufacturing processes, there is also a human dimension to consider.

Meet A Project Ambassador: Michelle Ava

Michelle has dedicated her career to simplifying organizational processes, making jobs easier and more efficient. Using a system of her own design, she mines data for relevant material to turn into reliable, actionable information to support executive team decision-making.