Newsletter | June 22, 2021

06.22.21 -- An End-To-End Patient-Centric, Lean Clinical Supply Chain

Protocol Design Drives Comparator Sourcing Cost, Timelines, Complexity, Risk

Proper planning, effective communication with specialized experts, and providing the appropriate level of detail in the clinical trial protocol can help avoid sourcing issues and can minimize the need for protocol amendments.

Solutions For An End-To-End Patient-Centric, Lean Clinical Supply Chain

This webinar explores how recent innovations in forecasting, supply pooling, decentralized processing, labeling, demand-led supply, and direct-to-patient distribution are converging to create a next-generation clinical supply chain that is flexible, lean, and, most importantly, patient-centric.

APAC Region Distribution Considerations For Clinical Trial Supplies

Experts discuss special considerations for the distribution of clinical materials in the APAC market, including challenges related to environmental conditions, such as wide temperature variations across the region and the criticality of having robust business continuity plans.