Newsletter | June 21, 2021

06.21.21 -- Anticipating The Production Needs Of Gene Therapies For The Next Ten Years

Increasing The Reach Of Cell And Gene Therapies

The cell and gene therapy industry is rapidly evolving from the perspective of “Can we commercialize this class of therapeutics?” to “How do we reach patients who need these therapies?” A mixture of innovation and brute-force streamlining is needed to create viable cell and gene therapy templates. This video details how upstream process optimization is ripe for innovative approaches.

Understanding The Road To Commercialization

With the current increase in development and investment, gene therapy companies will increasingly be looking to streamline the manufacture and commercialization of their therapies. Choosing a contract development manufacturing organization (CDMO) to ensure a smooth road to commercialization is essential. 

Gene Therapies: Overcoming The Biggest Hurdles In Manufacturing

The last decade saw a great rise in gene therapy popularity. Today, gene therapies have reached a momentum with hundreds in clinical development and several therapies approved in recent years. However, the rapid growth of the sector and the complexity of gene therapies has resulted in a number of challenges in process development, scale-up, manufacturing, and regulatory guidelines.

Addressing The Challenge Of Scalability In Viral Vectors

Early viral vector process development for cell and gene therapies is critical to ensure a production strategy that supports commercial needs. This webinar explains the importance of planning for scalability and manufacturability from the earliest stages of process development and how a scalable templated process can reduce time needed to move from product development to commercialization. 

The Benefits Of Choosing A Suspension System

With more gene therapy manufacturers needing to increase their batch size and efficiency, it’s necessary to invest in a viral vector manufacturing system that can be scaled up to meet commercial demand. In this infographic, learn how suspension systems offer many benefits that will help viral gene therapy developers enhance their processes and capabilities to better meet patient demands.