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07.31.20 -- Are We Adequately Assessing U.S. Pharma Supply Chain Risks?

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The Benefit Of Having A Highly Engaged Editorial Advisory Board

Newest Life Science Leader editorial advisory board member, Pamela Reilly Contag, Ph.D., cofounder and CEO of BioEclipse, provides a comprehensive response to a recent “Ask The Board” question, “What has been the greatest biopharma business related insight you have gained from continued operation during the first half of this year?” 

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Old Drug, New Tricks: Will The BPCIA Drive Generic Competition For Insulins?

High demand, few suppliers, and soaring prices point to the need for more generic competition in the insulin market. This article discusses recent changes to the legal and regulatory framework governing insulin approval that might facilitate such entry.

Are We Adequately Assessing U.S. Pharma Supply Chain Risks?

There are gaps in our country’s collective knowledge required to determine the severity of the current pandemic’s risk to our supply chain for drugs. Undoubtedly, these gaps will remain, leaving questions that need to be answered and will, hopefully, serve as a road map for legislators and advocates of the industry.

Healing From A Pandemic And Building Resilience Into Future Clinical Trials

We must now rethink our design strategies and planning processes before starting studies to find the right fit-for-purpose virtual solutions and push the boundaries on our designs to ensure we are collecting what is truly important for research and our patients.

Is Puerto Rico The Answer To U.S. Pharma Manufacturing?

In episode 17 of the Life Science Connect podcast, Outsourced Pharma chief editor Louis Garguilo elaborates on his recent editorial regarding the immense opportunity that Puerto Rico offers — and has offered for years — to pharma manufacturers looking to bring back operations to the United States.

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