Newsletter | November 24, 2021

11.24.21 -- Beat The Breakthrough Therapy Designation Dearth

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Beat The Breakthrough Therapy Designation Dearth

Historically, winning FDA BTD (breakthrough therapy designation) translated to 50/50 odds of full agency approval, but this harbinger of candidate commercialization has hit a dry spell.

Just Four Words

If you're leading people, you’re more of a coach than a commander. Great coaches find ways to identify and remove roadblocks, so that the individuals on their team can be incredibly successful.

Hire Like A Candidate: Courtesy Is Your Differentiator

This booming biopharma market has created intense competition for employees and significant hiring challenges. Are your hiring practices up to date with the new breed of candidates?

The Use Of RSUs (Restricted Stock Units) And Other New Employee Benefit Offerings

Paula Ragan, Ph.D., cofounder and CEO of X4 Pharmaceuticals, discusses how X4 is using restricted stock units (RSUs) instead of options as an employee retention tool. Adding to the conversation are Jonathan Rigby, CEO, Revolo Biotherapeutics, Usama Malik, CEO, Fore Biotherapeutics, and Matt Toner, cofounder and CEO, LifeSci Search.

November 2021 Digital Edition

Inside you will find more on:

  • An Arduous Entrepreneurial Climb To CEO
  • What Kind Of Commercial Space Does Your Lab Need?
  • Using Venture Debt For Growth
  • Regulations

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