Newsletter | May 22, 2020

05.22.20 -- Best Practices For Working In The Lab Through COVID-19

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How Military Thinking Can Improve Pharma Decision Making Under Stressful Conditions

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies are struggling to make both the decisions they would on any other day as well as those that are required in the current environment. This article explores what military decision-making practices can teach us about how to reach appropriate conclusions during the pandemic or other stressful conditions.

Magazine Content
Companies To Watch: Argenx

Argenx is developing new antibody therapeutics for immunological diseases in the neuromuscular, hematology, oncology, and other areas. The company has a full pipeline of candidates and indications.

How To Create A Lasting Culture: Every Interaction Matters

The best leaders are humble and check their egos at the door. How you treat everyone around you, every minute of every day, is noticed.

Best Practices For Working In The Lab Through COVID-19

In this segment, Paul Wotton, Ph.D., CEO of Obsidian Therapeutics, and Caroline Loew, Ph.D., CEO of Glympse Bio, talk about best practices for physical distancing and working safely in a laboratory setting during the coronavirus pandemic.

Episode 10: Editorial Prompts Reader Feedback … And More Questions

One provocative article about reducing our reliance on foreign sources for drug development led to some strange feedback, which led to some additional intriguing articles.

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