Newsletter | November 15, 2023

11.15.23 -- Building A Business Model For Novel Antibiotics


Viral Vector Upstream Platforms

Optimizing the upstream portion of gene therapy production sets the stage for successful manufacturing by maximizing viral vector titers. To increase upstream titers and process productivity, manufacturers must partner with upstream technology experts who work with HEK293, HEK293T and Sf9 cells. Draw on our experience today to speed your gene therapy to patients. Learn more.


In September, You Testified Before Congress On The Inflation Reduction Act’s (IRA) Real-World Impact On Rare Disease R&D And Small Molecule Therapies. Can You Summarize The Key Points?

See the answer from John Crowley, chairman and CEO at Amicus Therapeutics.

The Power Couple Behind Krystal Biotech

Krish and Suma Krishnan, the husband-and-wife team that founded and leads Krystal Biotech, cleared a path to market for the first ever topical and redosable gene therapy.

Building A Business Model For Novel Antibiotics

In the challenging development space for novel antibiotics, Spero Therapeutics is using partnership, external validation, and formulation science to develop drugs treating bacterial infections both rare and common.


The Promise Of AAV Gene Therapy With REGENXBIO's Ken Mills

Ken Mills, CEO, President, and Director at REGENXBIO joins Erin Harris for this episode of Cell & Gene: The Podcast to discuss the company's progress with its Phase I/II Affinity Duchenne trial of RGX-202 for the treatment of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. They discuss the future of AAV gene therapy as well as achieving scalability with consistent yield and product purity in gene therapy manufacturing. Listen now and subscribe so you never miss an episode!


Effects Of The Ongoing Pandemic On Bupivacaine HCI Supply

Throughout the pandemic, painkiller and sedative demands spiked. Drug manufacturers and CDMOs have become critical in efforts to stabilize the supply of Bupivacaine HCl and other essential drugs.

Navigating Pharmaceutical Commercialization: 8 Key Insights For Success

A successful drug commercialization effort requires meticulous planning, strategic thinking, and an integrated approach. Explore insights for successfully bringing new treatments to market.

An Easy-To-Swallow Depression Drug For Elderly Patients

Examine how an innovative formulation approach helped a developer create a version of their drug that promotes treatment compliance within the geriatric population.


November 2023 Digital Edition

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