Newsletter | October 14, 2021

10.14.21 -- Building More Resilient API Supply Chains

The Path To A Secure Supply Chain — 10 Questions To Ask

API supply is all about balancing risk. Preparing to ask and answer these 10 questions can provide clarity and confidence. Discover how to diversify your API supply chain.

Driving Efficiency And Reducing Waste, New Approaches To Sustainable Chemistry Are Greener By Design

When it was conceived by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) more than 30 years ago, “green chemistry” was intended to prompt solutions to real-world environmental problems resulting from industrial processes, emissions, and waste. These drivers remain just as relevant now.

Five Dangers Of An Insecure API Supply Chain

The diversity and agility of API supply chains are key to ensuring that medicines can be manufactured and delivered to patients on time, even in the face of challenges and unforeseen circumstances.

How To Secure A Sustainable Supply Of Raw Materials

How can pharmaceutical companies secure the supply of vital APIs and intermediates and maintain consistent manufacturing costs and the ability to serve their patients? There are a few steps to minimize insecurity in your supply chain, even in a rapidly changing market.

Building More Resilient API Supply Chains

From a risk management standpoint, it is important to pursue a dualistic, longer term supply strategy that embraces cost control and supply reliability and diversity to improve the integrity and resilience of international supply chains.