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05.11.22 -- Could There Be Bigger Deals On The Horizon?

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Is Biopharma Poised For Bigger Deals In 2022?

Biopharma companies are sitting on roughly $1.2 trillion in firepower, according to a recent report by Ernst & Young. But firepower to spend on deals — which includes cash, existing debt, and market capitalization — won’t necessarily translate into multibillion-dollar transactions, at least in the short term.

Following The Approval Of Biogen’s Aduhelm, There Has Been Talk About “Reining In” The FDA’s Accelerated Approval Pathway. How Important Is Accelerated Approval For Rare Disease Drugs?

See the answer from John Crowley, chairman and CEO of Amicus Therapeutics.

Embracing Challenges And Executing A Successful IPO

John Jacobs, CEO of Harmony Biosciences, discusses the challenges and lessons learned from when his company transitioned from private to public.

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How Can I Use Real-World Data In Clinical Trials?

Real-world data (RWD) and real-world evidence (RWE) can be relevant and essential to bringing innovation to patients and gaining regulatory approval. This article describes the sources of real-world data, how to use real-world data to enhance a development program, and how RWD and RWE advance regulatory decision-making.

Take The Tufts CSDD Pharma/Biotech Patient Engagement Survey

Tufts CSDD is conducting an important new survey to assess how pharma and biotech companies are incorporating patient engagement into their drug development organizations and operations. Take the survey here.

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Changing Medicare Scene Has Implications For Real-World Data

Every initiative to improve healthcare requires high-quality data. Whether an organization is seeking improved outcomes, higher quality, or lower costs, learn why it should start with in-depth, reliable, and representative data.

Four Variables Impacting Cell And Gene Therapy Product Development Success

Explore four key interconnected variables exerting pressure on therapeutics developers to improve their processes earlier in the product’s development.

The Talent Crossover: Extending Your Workforce Through Supplier Partnerships

Experts at Sartorius discuss the challenges complex molecules present to drug manufacturers today and the vital role suppliers play in fulfilling talent gaps for their customers.

NMR And Mass Spectrometry In Pharmaceutical Development

Together, nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and MS analysis can definitively identify reference standards, active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs), or final drug product composition.

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