Newsletter | July 19, 2021

07.19.21 -- First-Time CEO Transforms Retrophin Into Travere

How A First-Time CEO Transformed Retrophin Into Travere Therapeutics

Eric Dube, Ph.D., was dubious when an executive recruiter pitched him the CEO position at previously embattled Retrophin (remember Martin Shkreli?). But he took the job in January 2019 and now has guided the $1.5 billion biopharma as it has increased sales, implemented a new diverse and inclusive culture, advanced its pipeline, and adopted a new name (Travere).

What Is Your Opinion On The Practical Applications Of CRISPR Cas9 And Will We See A Commercial Application Of This Technology In The Next Decade?

See the answer from Sandy Macrae, M.B., Ch.B., Ph.D., CEO of Sangamo Therapeutics.

How AI And Machine Learning (ML) Are Transforming Drug Discovery And Development
For oncology R&D, AI and ML can be used to help accelerate the pace at which large amounts of genetic and biological data are analyzed quickly and accurately to inform decisions. More specifically, AI and ML can help speed up the drug discovery process.
Special Edition #11: Making Diversity And Inclusion A Best Business Practice
Diversity and inclusion is — and has been — an important issue for the biopharmaceutical industry. As such, we thought it would be worthwhile to gain some perspective.
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The One Trait A Medtech Quality Assurance/Regulatory Affairs (QA/RA) Professional Can’t Succeed Without
We read studies showing that professionals who are successful and hold top positions in our industry possess certain traits: intelligence, commitment to our jobs, determination, etc. But those traits could describe many professionals. So, what is it that makes us unique and a good fit for this industry?
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