From An Investor Perspective, What Are The Big Trends For 2016?

Source: Life Science Leader
Dennis Purcell

AFTER A HALF-DECADE OF OUTPERFORMANCE, 2016 will shape up to be a “show-me” year. On the cancer front, especially immuno-oncology, we will find out whether the exciting early clinical results will result in longer, more durable responses. We will also learn whether these new agents will be effective when used in combination with other drugs. In the gene therapy and gene editing space, we will see whether the long-anticipated effectiveness of these technologies begins to be proven in the clinic. On the Big Data front, we will see how traditional technology companies begin to leave their footprints in life sciences. On the M&A front, we will see whether the large pharma companies’ strategy of acquiring small-to-midsize biotech companies will continue. Lastly, on the reimbursement front, we will see more innovative deals being developed between biotech companies and insurers.

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