Newsletter | September 16, 2020

09.16.20 -- From Remarketing Drugs To Monoclonal Antibodies R&D

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Eyes On Horizon, Buying Into Bio

CEO Tim Walbert talks about how his company, Horizon Therapeutics, has gone from acquiring commercial drugs and remarketing them to using their R&D to focus more on bio-based medicines such as monoclonal antibodies and genetically engineered proteins.

What Additional Protocols Have You Observed Being Implemented To Protect Biopharma Manufacturing Employees, And What Impact Do You Anticipate On The Bottom Line From These Added Costs?

See the answer from Jacks Lee, a global pharmaceutical executive with 25+ years of experience in vaccines, biopharmaceuticals, and small molecule pharmaceuticals.

From Diligence To Execution: Tim Wright’s Approach To Leading MiMedx

Tim Wright shares his due diligence approach regarding MiMedx before becoming its CEO in 2019, along with how he went about implementing his 90-day business plan that would transform the company.

Web-Exclusive Articles
COVID-19 And The Next Chapter In Ansun’s Turnaround Story

How Dr. Nancy Chang turned an embattled company in financial freefall and on the heels of clinical failure into a leading clinical-stage biopharma—and how the disruption of a global pandemic made Ansun Biopharma a formidable contender in the treatment of COVID-19.

The Unusual Backstory Of The MiMedx Cover Feature

Ever wonder how a pharma executive gets to be on the cover of Life Science Leader? For Tim Wright, CEO of MiMedx, it was a chance encounter at a leadership conference a few years ago.

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