Newsletter | June 28, 2021

06.28.21 -- Has There Been A Shift In Power In Pharma Partnering?

Why CDMO Brand Positioning Data Are Of Value To Sponsors

Understanding the competitive outsourced manufacturing landscape is essential for CDMOs and can add valuable insight on lesser-known companies for outsourcers.

The Lasting Impact Of COVID-19 On Emerging Life Sciences Supply Chain

Although the COVID-19 pandemic created significant disruptions across the supply marketplace, emerging companies can learn from this experience and develop a scalable and strategic procurement function.

Why Has There Been A Shift In Power In Pharma Partnering?

When it comes to partnering models in drug development, Syed Kazmi, CEO of Jubilant Therapeutics, believes there has been a dramatic shift in the thinking of pharma companies.

An All-Canada COVID-19 Vaccine Solution

The story of how Providence Therapeutics, a Calgary, Ontario-based, emerging mRNA biopharma, came to achieve such notoriety is an interesting one that includes a pivot from its core therapeutic focus, the hiring of an American as company president, and the creation of a CDMO.

What Will Going Public Look Like Post Pandemic?

In this executive virtual roundtable (EVR) section, Marcio Souza, CEO of Praxis Precision Medicines, a clinical stage biopharma, and David Perry, cofounder and chairman of Better Therapeutics, share thoughts on what the future of taking a company public could/should look like.

029: The Effects Of Politics On Pharma

According to Outsourced Pharma chief editor, Louis Garguilo, “Politics has never played a bigger role in our (global) biopharma industry.” In this episode, we talk with Louis about three of his recent editorials that touch on this subject while also discussing the current IP debate in pharma and the origins of COVID-19.

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