Newsletter | July 7, 2021

07.07.21 -- How AI & ML Are Transforming Drug Discovery And Development

Against All Odds: Advancing From R&D To Phase 3

There is nothing more rewarding than knowing that we can help save a life and give hope to patients and their friends and families. Because lives are at stake, there must be more regulations and processes to ensure safety and efficacy.

How AI And Machine Learning (ML) Are Transforming Drug Discovery And Development

For oncology R&D, AI and ML can be used to help accelerate the pace at which large amounts of genetic and biological data are analyzed quickly and accurately to inform decisions. More specifically, AI and ML can help speed up the drug discovery process.

Preferred Provider Type By Clinical Research Phase

In a recent survey focused on clinical development outsourcing, respondents were asked which provider type they would choose if the choice were completely up to them.

Special Edition #10: What Does It Take To Start A Biopharmaceutical Company?

Considering many Life Science Leader readers daydream of starting and leading their own biopharmaceutical company someday, we thought it would be informative to host an executive virtual roundtable with three biopharmaceutical company CEOs who have done just that.

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FDA’s Longtime Approach To New Chemical Entity Designations Now Codified

New chemical entity (NCE) designations provide a five-year exclusivity period ensuring no competition to a new drug product from generics, with or without patent protection. Recently, President Biden signed into law the Ensuring Innovation Act to clarify when a new drug may be granted NCE status.

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