Newsletter | June 18, 2021

06.18.21 -- How To Better Plan For Commercialization

The Benefits Of Pharma 4.0 And Validation 4.0

Validation 4.0 is an innovative approach to ensuring that the new technologies of Pharma 4.0 are implemented and validated to ensure requirements related to patient safety and product quality.

Readying For Commercialization

Commercialization planning is particularly important in today’s continuously evolving biopharma marketplace. Not only do you have to manage and allocate capital appropriately, but you also must manage and mitigate the inherent risks in the process — to the extent possible.

Life Sciences CEOs Assess Upcoming Business Risk

We take a closer look at the data related to organizational growth risks included in a recent KPMG “Global CEO Outlook” survey.

A First-Time CEO, A First-Time IPO, And A Pandemic

In this executive virtual roundtable (EVR) section, Marcio Souza, CEO of Praxis Precision Medicines, a clinical-stage biopharma, shares thoughts and experiences from taking his first company public virtually via an October 2020 IPO. Adding to the conversation are David Perry, cofounder and chairman of Better Therapeutics, and Tom Frohlich, CBO, Chinook Therapeutics.

Beyond The Printed Page
Have You Heard Of Eric Dube?

A primer on what makes Eric Dube, Ph.D., CEO of Travere Therapeutics, and upcoming feature in Life Science Leader, so inspirational.

Special Edition #8: Preparing For A Virtual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference (JPM)

We thought it would be interesting to have a discussion with three biopharmaceutical executives about how they are preparing for this unique 2021 JPM and how those preparations are different than what they’ve done in the past.

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