Magazine Article | December 29, 2016

Janssen Immunology — Science & Market Drivers

Source: Life Science Leader

By Wayne Koberstein, Executive Editor, Life Science Leader magazine
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From discovery through development, commercial savviness teams up with scientific progress in this J&J business unit.

The name Janssen lives on in the pharmaceutical organizations of Johnson & Johnson, carrying the meaning its founder, Dr. Paul Janssen, gave it through his namesake company’s achievements: bold but logical innovation that sometimes goes beyond serving markets to creating them. He taught that vast new markets can emerge in response to products that are the first to address a commonly accepted condition. Yet the contemporary Janssen biopharma entities don’t just replicate the DNA of drug discovery and development inherited from Dr. Janssen; they have gone on to explore all emerging pathways to new therapies for a widening variety of disease areas. One of the best examples of the expansion in approaches and areas is Janssen Immunology.