Newsletter | June 30, 2021

06.30.21 -- Keep Your Cell Samples At Critical Cryogenic Temperature Throughout Logistics


Maintaining the critical temperature of cryopreserved cellular samples before, during, and after their transport is one of many logistics challenges cell therapy manufacturers face. Collaborative use of smart, shipment systems that can be used for temporary storage will help to ensure that patients continue to receive the right treatment, at the right quality, at the right time.

Consider Temporary Cryogenic Storage Requirements

Nearly half of cryogenic shipments go to sites without temporary storage facilities. Logistics planning often includes a strategy to address this limitation. In this trial, CSL Behring simulates using the VIA Capsule™ system to fill this gap in cryogenic storage during a two-leg shipment.

Establish A Multiparty Logistics Network

The U.K.’s Advanced Therapy Treatment Centres (ATTC) Network aims to accelerate patients’ access to cell and gene therapies (CGTs) by establishing systems to support their clinical supply and adoption. This trial developed an integrated and automated cell therapy logistics network of manufacturers, couriers, distribution centers, and clinical trial sites.

Tackle Fragmented And Vulnerable Logistics Data

Every cell therapy shipment involves many processes delivered by at least three parties in different places. They often use different record management systems, which puts pressure on record management as shipping volume grows. Learn about a unified digital record management system that integrates with your sample’s batch record.

Maintain Cryogenic Temperatures Throughout Logistics

As a cell therapy manufacturer, you want to safeguard your cryopreserved samples through every logistics step. Hear from leaders at World Courier and Cytiva on how the VIA Capsule™ system helps address the challenges faced before, during, and after transport.

Define Temperature Specs For Your Shipment
The critical cryogenic temperatures for shipping cell therapies aren’t well studied. This experiment shows the acceptable temperature range for cryopreserved cellular samples during shipping and simulates transit delays.

Introducing A Smart, Liquid Nitrogen-Free Shipper


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