Newsletter | June 27, 2022

06.27.22 -- Micronization Technology: HPAPI Drug Product Development And Manufacturing

Highly Potent API Drug Product Development And Manufacturing Using Micronization Technology

This webinar discusses how to classify HPAPIs in early development and shares recommendations for safe product handling, from clinical manufacturing to commercialization, as well as key advantages of using micronization technology for the development and manufacture of HPAPIs.

Using Advanced Technologies To Formulate Complex Molecules

Oral dosage forms have remained a cornerstone of drug development, despite the proliferation of alternative dosage forms to address unmet medical needs. Explore barriers to the development of oral formulations and technological responses.

Zydis ODT Provides Better Treatments

A formulation demonstrates higher patient preference and adherence to prescriptions compared to traditional tablets for Selegiline in Parkinson’s disease and other therapeutic areas.

Expediting A Promising New Therapy

A biotech exploring novel therapeutics for neuroscience indications developed a promising new chemical entity to treat a severe pediatric genetic disease. Softgel technology expedited its Phase II/III clinical trial.