Newsletter | June 16, 2021

06.16.21 -- Otsuka's Plan To Use Digital Tech To Drive Patient Outcomes

Digital Technologies Will Continue To Drive Patient Outcomes

While other companies scrambled to implement clinical trial-related technologies to deal with the pandemic, Otsuka was an early adopter of tools such as electronic case report forms (eCRFs) and eConsent. Christoph Koenen, EVP and chief medical officer at Otsuka Pharmaceutical Companies (U.S.), explains how digital technologies will continue to drive patient outcomes.

A Drug Developer’s First Experience With Decentralized Trials

When the FDA released new guidance for companies in May, it seemed every drug developer was scrambling to convert their clinical trials to a decentralized approach. Advicenne was no exception.

Message To CROs: Keep That Pandemic Tool Belt Handy

During the last year, despite countless obstacles and dangers, the pharma industry managed to remain steadfast and get to where we are today — hopefully with COVID-19 in the rear-view mirror. Let’s take a closer look at the numbers.

The CRO Leadership Awards Winners!

The vetting process for selecting outsourcing partners is time-consuming and complex. To support the process, Life Science Leader and Clinical Leader developed the CRO Leadership Awards in 2012.

Why A Serial Entrepreneur Started Two Life Sciences Companies In 2015
David Perry explains in this short video why he decided to start two life sciences companies in 2015. The first was Indigo Ag, which develops biological and digital technologies. The second, for which he serves as chairman, is Better Therapeutics, a digital therapeutics company.
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The Next Decade In Gene Therapy Innovation: 6 Critical Questions (And Answers)

What's ahead for gene therapy in the next decade? This article highlights six key questions and recommendations for the future of the industry. For example, what technologies should gene therapy companies evaluate beyond delivery vehicles, and how should a gene therapy be priced?

Special Edition #7: Manufacturing And Supply Chain Risk Mitigation Strategies Amidst COVID-19

We sat down with three biopharmaceutical industry executives to discuss some of the thinking and actions taken to mitigate risk to their companies’ manufacturing and supply chains amidst a pandemic.

2021 CRO Leadership Awards Digital Edition

Inside you will find more on:

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