Newsletter | June 30, 2020

06.30.20 -- Overcoming Complex Oral Solid Dose Challenges

How Oral Solid Coating Technologies Can Enhance Delivery Strategy

Oral solid dose (OSD) remains a dominant form in drug delivery and development and there are continual advances to improve oral solid stability, integrity, and robustness through technology platforms, including coating technologies. This article discusses the strategies and coating technologies that can aid complex OSD formulation.

Oral Solid Dose Regulatory Hurdles And How To Approach Them

In your quest to meet the regulatory requirements for your oral solid project you may encounter significant hurdles. Anticipating these early on and thoroughly planning your approach can help. In this article experts discuss common regulatory challenges and how to approach them.

Curing Your Complex Oral Solid Dose Challenges

In this webinar, oral solid dose (OSD) experts discuss how advances in the mathematics and engineering involved in understanding the process can tackle challenges and ensure that functional coating and drug layering continue to be a viable solution for the next generation of OSD drug products. Discover how coatings expertise could transform your OSD drug.

Q&A: Curing Your Complex Oral Solid Dose Challenges

Oral solid dose experts Amy Trotch and Kieran Coffey’s webinar on engineering advancements for complex oral solid dose (OSD) coatings offered insight into the range of coating techniques and technologies available today and how these coatings can be scaled and transferred effectively for commercial manufacturing. Here you will find a transcript of the Q&A portion of this webinar.