Newsletter | June 23, 2022

06.23.22 -- Scale Up Cell Therapy Production At The Pace Of Your Business


Scalable, functionally closed, flexible cell therapy manufacturing systems can support your organization’s future growth strategies — and the need for them has never been greater. Leverage the resources below, which will help support your journey and enable you to scale at the pace of your business.

Fueling The Genetic Revolution With cGMP Manufacturing And Training

Despite the emergence of cell and gene therapies (CGTs) as one of the most exciting areas of biotechnology, companies continue to face challenges with technology and costs that threaten right-first-time delivery. ElevateBio, in collaboration with Cytiva, is forging a path forward with a solution to de-risk the development of these novel therapies.

3 Things To Consider For Capacity Expansion

The success of your cell therapies, plasmids, viral vectors, mAbs, or any advanced medicines depends on the scale, flexibility, and establishment of your chosen manufacturing platform. But how do you achieve that? In this panel discussion, you’ll learn from experienced colleagues who share their approaches to capacity expansion and offer tips for your success.

Step Up To GMP Manufacturing Or Outsource To A CDMO

The decision to tackle GMP manufacturing in-house or work with a contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) represents a pivotal crossroad in your product’s journey to market. Explore key factors to help you determine which strategy best suits your process, product, and team, as well as some general considerations and tips for succeeding in GMP manufacturing.

Staying Flexible In Biomanufacturing

The concept of optionality is key to staying flexible in biomanufacturing by keeping your options open and having multiple pathways to take while navigating through this highly uncertain environment. Read how to best assess investments in the biopharma space and how to apply optional approaches.

Cell Therapy Scale-Up Strategies For Commercial Success

Most cell therapies still use risky and expensive open, manual processes. This article discusses options for cell therapy process development and validation that minimize risks through quality control (QC), optimization, scaling, closing, automation, and assay development.

Online Course
Advanced Cell Therapy Technology (CELLT1) Course

This free online learning provides instruction within cell therapy processes and manufacturing under good manufacturing practice (GMP) procedures. Divided into upstream, cell expansion, and downstream applications, the course will provide beginning-to-end technical knowledge. You'll walk through typical workflow steps within cell therapy manufacturing, covering items such as cell isolation, expansion, harvesting, and cryopreservation.


Cell Therapy cGMP Manufacturing Solutions

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