Newsletter | November 18, 2020

11.18.20 -- Take Your Drug From Concept To Clinical To Commercial

Applying The Four Dimensions Of Sustainability To Create Capacity That Delivers Results Faster

There are no shortcuts to growing capacity that delivers results faster and maintaining it is difficult. The key ingredient in growing enterprise value is sustainability. Learn how by applying the principle of sustainability using its four dimensions, finite resources are more wisely used with extraordinary results, lead time from concept to commercialization is greatly improved, and patients receive better medications faster.

Managing The Challenges Of Small Batch Formulations

The early phases of drug development can be challenging for many reasons, especially with the pressure for speed to the clinic to prove value and preserve funding. A risk-based investment in understanding GMP manufacturing at small scales can prevent costly issues during scaling development that ultimately affect the timely delivery to patients in need.

Overcoming Bioavailability Challenges In Oral Formulation Development

Poor solubility of drug substance is a major challenge in early oral formulation development. With nearly 90 percent of developmental pipeline drugs consisting of poorly soluble molecules, formulation experts must address this obstacle by applying approaches to improve an API’s pharmacokinetics.