Tefen Life Science Executive Innovation Survey

Facing intense competition, Life Sciences executives need to discover new areas where they have a chance to make improvements in outcomes and processes of innovation.

Tefen Management Consultancy is offering executives the chance to participate in this exclusive Innovation Survey, following which you will have access to the results in both aggregate summary, only at LSL, and the executives can receive his/her own personal, individualized report.

The summary results are intended to include a list of life science company rankings of the firms electing to participate and indicate areas of improvement in innovation and innovation management practices – relevant information for any member of the industry who wants to deliver value in the foreseeable future and remain on the cusp of business.

WHO: C-Suite, leadership, executives in Life Sciences industries (e.g. medical devices, healthcare and pharmaceuticals)

WHAT: Tefen's innovation experts have designed a questionnaire to show executives critical areas to develop innovation in their business and make improvements in the impact of innovation

WHEN: APRIL/MAY 2017 survey and data gathering, JUNE publication of survey results