What Advice Do You Have For Preventing/ Minimizing A Counterfeit Situation From Disrupting Your Manufacturing Process?

Source: Life Science Leader

Implementation of an incident monitoring program allows you to study patterns by supply chain segments and identify anomalies. Randomly purchasing your product from all channels of trade (including the Internet) can help you test your supply chain’s integrity. Establish intelligence-sharing relationships with government and law enforcement agencies so you can stay up to speed on the latest counterfeiter trends. Adding anti-counterfeiting technologies, including serialized packaging, can help with early detection. Ensure that all distributors/ retailers purchase your products only from you or an authorized company agent and audit them regularly. Analyze returned goods for breaches in product integrity or fraud. Lastly, implement strict procedures to ensure that damaged/expired supplies, finished goods, as well as retired production equipment are destroyed and witnessed by company personnel.

President of LifeCare Services, LLC. He has more than 36 years of experience in the healthcare industry with J&J and is also a consultant on brand protection and supply integrity issues.