What Are Some Of Your Favorite Leadership Books?

Source: Life Science Leader
  • Good to Great by Collins — a goldmine of nonobvious factors for success in companies that stand the test of time. My favorite — the level five leader!
  • Leading Change by Kotter — an absolute must for a leader managing any change initiative large or small
  • The First 90 Days by Watkins — whether in a new company, department, or role, an invaluable guidance for success at any level of leadership
  • Thinking Fast and Slow by Kahneman — the definitive guide to understanding cognitive biases writ small on the daily scale and writ large in corporate strategy
  • Profiting from Uncertainty by Shoemaker — a very compelling framework for understanding how to plan and chart strategy through uncertainty and ambiguity
  • The Strategy-Focused Organization by Kaplan and Norton — a must-have reference to the balanced scorecard, a foundational approach to operationalizing strategy
  • Getting Things Done by Allen — just about the most valuable reference for personal productivity I have come across

John is the CIO for Moderna Therapeutics. He has held senior R&D and technology leadership positions at AZ, J&J, Lilly, Celera Genomics, and the Los Alamos National Laboratory.