Newsletter | September 20, 2022

09.20.22 -- What's On The Minds Of Gene Therapy Experts

One Size Does Not Fit All: Utilizing Multiple Technology Providers In Gene Therapy Manufacturing

Creating a strategy that relies on multiple partners comes with many challenges. Therefore, a comprehensive evaluation, as early as possible, of each partner is necessary to determine if they are truly committed to understanding your needs and are indeed capable of developing a process to fit those needs.

Perspectives Of Value-Driven, Integrated Solutions In Gene Therapy

Realizing the full potential of a new gene therapy calls on a wide range of capabilities and skillsets that may not be available at every company pursuing these next-generation products. By unlocking the value of an integrated solutions provider, you can leverage a comprehensive suite of advanced technologies and expertise that will facilitate your path to market.

Which Ingredient Are You Missing In Your Gene Therapy Success Recipe?

Ratish Krishnan, associate director for cell & gene therapy bioprocessing for the Americas with MilliporeSigma, talks about the tremendous promise gene therapies have for changing the healthcare paradigm and solutions to some of the biggest challenges in gene therapy manufacturing.

Anticipating The Next Decade Of Gene Therapy

With more organizations looking to pursue gene therapies for a range of indications, there remain a number of barriers to entry. However, the next decade will bring improvements across existing gene therapy modalities, including the development of alternative approaches to gene delivery, advances in upstream and downstream processing, analytical methods, and intensified/continuous processing.

Beyond 2020: Looking Into The Crystal Ball For Gene Therapy

Mirror mirror on the wall, what is the promise that gene therapy holds for all? The urgency, uniqueness, and uncertainty surrounding gene therapy manufacturing creates many challenges. Let us take a look into the crystal ball of gene therapy to address unanswered questions and plan for what’s next.