Newsletter | January 11, 2021

01.11.21 -- Why Artax Biopharma Is Our Company To Watch

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Companies To Watch: Artax Biopharma

Artax Biopharma is challenging the immunosuppressive paradigm with a novel drug for autoimmune diseases.

Restoring Public Health And The Economy To Normalcy

The pandemic and recent elections demonstrated as nothing else before has that the U.S. is neither an autocracy nor a democracy, and that plurality of views or votes does not guarantee a majority, government action, or expedient legislation.

What Went Right In 2020? My Top 5 List

Life Science Leader's Rob Wright reviews five things that went right in 2020.

Beyond The Printed Page
What Four Biopharma CFOs Think About The Future Of Remote Work

While we touch on remote work in Life Science Leader’s annual outlook issue, the responses in this article from four biopharmaceutical CFOs to questions on the subject shed additional light on the challenge that lies ahead for employers.

Web-Exclusive Content
COVID-19 And Beyond: Perspectives From A Regulatory Affairs Professional

COVID-19 has significantly impacted our daily life, work, and productivity and has manifested social, economic, and cultural issues.

023: What’s Hot In Gene Therapy

Erin Harris, chief editor of Cell & Gene, reviews some of the hot cell and gene topics from 2020 and what to watch for in 2021. She also discusses the upcoming Cell & Gene live event and the miniseries she did for the Business of Biotech podcast.

Companies To Watch: 2020
In 2020 we profiled 11 biopharma companies in our “Companies To Watch” section. These companies focused on a range of therapeutics including antifungals, antibody therapeutics for immunological diseases, and multiple antivirals and vaccines related to COVID-19.
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