• What’s A “Biopharma CDMO”?

    In part two of my exclusive interview with Phlow Corporation's CEO Dr. Eric Edwards, we turn our attention to biopharma business models and CDMO partnerships.

  • You Don’t Know Phlow: The Backstory Of A Misread Biopharma Start-Up

    No biopharma start-up has been as misconstrued, hastily judged in strategy and capability, or even labeled “political.” Now Phlow Corporation’s CEO Eric Edwards sets the record straight in an exclusive interview.

  • Is PhRMA’s White House Rebuttal Acceptable?

    While the biopharmaceutical industry can only be commended for the work underway to bring the world vaccines and therapies to halt the spread and severity of COVID-19, it would be ironic if PhRMA uses the pandemic as leverage to maintain the drug supply-chain status quo.

  • A Word From Germany On U.S. Manufacturing Productivity

    Of 367 production plants BASF operates worldwide, six are Verbund sites. Those six produce more than 50% of all BASF volumes. A CEO of a U.S.-based CDMO thinks Verbund is the kind of thinking needed at drug development and manufacturing facilities in this country.

  • Why You Need People Like Jana Spes At Your Company

    Industry veteran Jana Spes provides some uniquely qualified analysis and guidance on the outsourcing industry and working with CDMOs. Don’t be surprised if you come away thinking for your next outsourcing operations hire, specialization is out, and the Spes model is in.

  • Award-Winning Questions: “Who Are We?” And “Who Are They?”

    Outsourcing Pharma Chief Editor Louis Garguilo explains what you can expect from this year’s CMO Awards publication and how it can help you when choosing an outsourcing partner.

  • When Employees Become The Supply Chain: Leadership In A Pandemic

    With your newly dispersed workforce, employees have in effect become a part of your external supply chain. How can leaders help them get through this time of uncertainty, and continue to perform at a high level? Here's some advice.

  • 3 Questions Of Risk And Communication In A Time Of Coronavirus

    Communication with your service providers may turn out most important in getting through immediate coronavirus-induced supply-chain challenges. Outsourcing may have got you into this situation; now it may be the only thing that can get you out. 

  • Sign It, President Trump; Don’t Go There, President Xi

    If drugs are discovered as purposefully held up by China to create a supply issue in the U.S., would you ever again employ a China-based CMO? Who would have thought Outsourced Pharma readers would be front and center in presidential politics? But you are.

  • Don’t Spread The Wrong Message: COVID-19 And Respect For CMOs

    The first was to be a celebration for safely, reliably, and productively keeping drug development and manufacturing supply chains running. The second is a threat to shut those supply chains down. But here’s a second irony: This new coronavirus may have provided us an opportunity of sorts. 


Louis Garguilo

Louis Garguilo is chief editor and conference chair for Outsourced Pharma, and a contributing editor to Life Science Leader magazine. He studied public relations and journalism at Syracuse University (and holds a Master’s in English), and has 30+ years of international experience in business communications and development positions. Louis spent a decade at a global pharmaceutical contract research, development and manufacturing organization; served under the governor of New York in the state’s economic development agency, as liaison to the pharmaceutical/biotechnology industry; was chief strategic officer for an e-learning software company; and spent most of the ‘80s and ‘90s in Japan as an educator, author, and business communications consultant, including for the Osaka Medical Center for Cancer and Cardiovascular Diseases.