• 2022 Outsourcing Trends In Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing

    The continued focus on productivity and efficiency is moving manufacturers to increasingly consider outsourcing activities. Based on BioPlan Associates’ 2022 Annual Report/Survey, biomanufacturers are spending more, demanding better technologies, and expressing greater optimism. This article shares the trends in outsourced activities, percentages of activities outsourced, outsourcing destinations, and offshoring.

  • How To Build A Strong CRO Partnership And Find Drug Development Success

    Building a collaborative and highly engaged partnership with a CRO to optimize study enrollment is critical for a company’s success, particularly with so much reliance on virtual interactions. Here are some tips on how to do just that.

  • Why I’m Thankful For Sponsors And CROs

    There are many patients out there who depend on those efforts and the amazing medicines that result from them. I am now one of them.

  • Takeda’s Mission To Improve Communication With Patients, Sites, And CROs

    Being a better partner for your patients, sites, and CROs begins with effective communication. When Karen Correa joined Takeda as VP, head of global clinical operations, she made improved communications her top priority.

  • CRO Oversight Essentials

    Sponsors need to proactively identify and manage the risks involved with working with a CRO. This kind of oversight can help reduce the likelihood of negative consequences that could impact the quality of a trial.

  • Diversity In Clinical Research Execution And Participation

    In this article we compare the 2020 and 2021 result of the WCG Avoca Industry Survey, which explores industry respondents’ views on patient diversity in clinical research participation.

  • A Better Path For CMO Relationships As The Pandemic Continues

    In this article, we discuss how drug sponsors and service providers can better work together to continue down the path of outsourcing success that has been highlighted during the pandemic.

  • Outsourcing From A To ZZ Biotech

    Kent Pryor, CEO of ZZ Biotech, explains how he’s approached his single-handed “CEO As Outsourcer” role and provides advice to professionals of all positions in any biopharma organization.

  • We’ve Moved Forward

    In addition to our annual CMO Leadership awards, what you’ll read in these pages is the importance of continuing to advance the knowledge, best practices, and strategies of outsourcing we’ve been covering now for nearly a decade in this issue.

  • Post-COVID Supply Chain Opportunities And Strategies For Biopharmas And CDMOs

    For biopharma executives engaging with CDMOs, rethinking domestic manufacturing goes beyond supply chain evaluation. Leaders should address three main areas to holistically assess their global operating model.