Companies To Watch

The Companies to Watch column spotlights small, entrepreneurial biopharma companies that are developing their own products (not just a platform) with little or no press coverage to date, and offering an interesting story involving useful business lessons.

  • Companies To Watch: IM Therapeutics

    Our company to watch this month is IM Therapeutics, which focuses on developing small molecule therapies for Type 1 diabetes, celiac disease, and other autoimmune conditions.

  • Companies To Watch: Lyra Therapeutics

    Our company to watch this month, Lyra Therapeutics, is focused on controlling chronic ENT conditions with precise drug elution and long action.

  • Companies To Watch: Carisma Therapeutics

    Carisma Therapeutics is a private company developing CAR-M (chimeric antigen receptor macrophage) as an alternative to CAR-T (CAR-T cell) and potential treatment for solid tumors rather than just liquid cancers.

  • Companies To Watch: PhaseBio

    PhaseBio is a small, public company aiming to enter a large-market therapeutic area: cardiovascular.

  • Companies To Watch: Akero Therapeutics

    Companies To Watch: Akero Therapeutics - Test-proofing a new metabolism drug to beat the liver disease, NASH

  • Companies To Watch: Artax Biopharma

    Artax Biopharma is challenging the immunosuppressive paradigm with a novel drug for autoimmune diseases.

  • Companies To Watch: Ridgeback Biotherapeutics

    Ridgeback Biotherapeutics is pitting new and potent antivirals versus COVID, Ebola, and other coronaviruses.

  • Companies To Watch: Osivax

    Osivax is developing universal vaccines for influenza, coronaviruses, and other infectious diseases such as malaria and human papillomavirus (HPV). Preclinical studies also have started on a coronavirus vaccine, which would include Covid-19.

  • Companies To Watch: CalciMedica

    “In a sense, the Covid association was a golden opportunity for our drug,” says Rachel Leheny, CEO of CalciMedica, a pharma focused on anti-inflammatories for pancreatitis that has now shifted to treatments for Covid-19 pneumonia.

  • Companies To Watch: Cidara Therapeutics

    Cidara Therapeutics is training its novel treatment and preventative for flu and other viral infections on Covid-19.

  • Companies To Watch: Equillium

    Equillium is keeping a close eye on the COVID-19 challenge, but sticking to acute GVHD, uncontrolled asthma, and lupus nephritis as primary inflammation targets.

  • Companies To Watch: Spring Bank Pharmaceuticals

    Spring Bank Pharmaceuticals is continuing clinical programs during the COVID-19 challenge and advancing novel approaches to cancer, inflammation, and viruses.

  • Companies To Watch: argenx

    Argenx is developing new antibody therapeutics for immunological diseases in the neuromuscular, hematology, oncology, and other areas. The company has a full pipeline of candidates and indications.

  • Companies To Watch: Neurana

    This 10-person startup in San Diego is aiming for muscle-spasm relief without sedation in a purified drug.


  • How We Have Changed For The Better Thanks To COVID-19

    An interview with Mei Mei Hu, cofounder and CEO of Vaxxinity, provides an example of how COVID-19 and Zoom have enabled the seeing and showing of one another’s humanness. 

  • Communicating Authentically During Times Of Crisis

    John Fowler, cofounder and CEO of Kezar Life Sciences, shares “A Letter to Kezar Employees,” a best practice example of a leader communicating authentically and transparently during times of crisis (i.e., the killing of George Floyd).

  • A Lesson Learned The Hard Way

    Neil Kumar, cofounder and CEO of BridgeBio, discusses his rationale behind why employees didn’t have titles during the startup phase.