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The Companies to Watch column spotlights small, entrepreneurial biopharma companies that are developing their own products (not just a platform) with little or no press coverage to date, and offering an interesting story involving useful business lessons.

  • Companies To Watch: Obsidian Therapeutics
    Companies To Watch: Obsidian Therapeutics

    Obsidian Therapeutics targets gene and cell therapies with a technology designed to control the production and activity of therapeutic proteins those therapies induce.

  • Companies To Watch: eXIthera
    Companies To Watch: eXIthera

    This month’s company to watch is eXIthera, which is focused on inhibiting Factor XIa, a new target that may offer a way to avoid the bleeding problems with current anticoagulants.

  • Companies To Watch: Leading Biosciences
    Companies To Watch: Leading Biosciences

    Leading Biosciences is applying the science of digestive proteases to treating or preventing multiple diseases and conditions, starting with delayed return of post-surgical bowel function (ileus) and adhesion with its lead product candidate, coded LB1148.

  • Companies To Watch: Bioharmony Therapeutics
    Companies To Watch: Bioharmony Therapeutics

    Bioharmony Therapeutics is developing novel, “lysin-based” antimicrobials. The company is out to change the world of antibiotics, not by tweaking an old formula, but by advancing an entirely new mode of action.

  • Companies To Watch: Angion
    Companies To Watch: Angion

    Angion is developing a small molecule mimetic of the hepatocyte growth factor (HGF), which works to protect kidney and other organ cells from damage due to disease, physical injury, and indirect consequences of surgery and trauma.

  • Companies To Watch: Synlogic
    Companies To Watch: Synlogic

    Synlogic is an early-stage developer of “synthetic biotic” medicines — therapeutics consisting of beneficial microbes genetically engineered to treat rare metabolic diseases.

  • Companies To Watch: Provention Bio
    Companies To Watch: Provention Bio

    This 15-person virtual biotech is trying to stop immune-mediated disease early, before it becomes a chronic condition.

  • Companies To Watch: Vyome Therapeutics
    Companies To Watch: Vyome Therapeutics

    Vyome Therapeutics has built platforms and is developing products that address antibiotic resistance in severe skin conditions.

  • Companies To Watch: Azitra
    Companies To Watch: Azitra

    Azitra is a small, young, early-stage company developing microbial biotherapeutics for conditions arising on the skin that can be addressed by using the microbiome.

  • Companies-To-Watch 2018 Annual Roundup
    Companies-To-Watch 2018 Annual Roundup

    At the end of every year since we began the monthly column, Companies to Watch, I have gone back to the featured companies and asked each one to send me a short assessment of its progress since it appeared in Life Science Leader.

  • Companies to Watch —Where Are They Now?
    Companies to Watch —Where Are They Now?

    Since launching our Companies To Watch section in 2012 we have covered more than 50 companies. This year we plan to periodically look back at some of them and see where they are today. 

  • Companies To Watch: Synspira
    Companies To Watch: Synspira

    Synspira is developing glycopolymer drugs for infection, inflammation, and congestion in the lungs. According CEO Shenda Baker, “We would like to see more companies in this space. But we are also looking forward to leading the way.”

  • Companies To Watch: Athersys
    Companies To Watch: Athersys

    Athersys is mass-producing off-the-shelf stem cells for multiple conditions in the cardiovascular, neurological, inflammatory, and immune disease areas.

  • Companies To Watch: Symbiotix Biotherapies
    Companies To Watch: Symbiotix Biotherapies

    Symbiotix Biotherapies is an early pioneer of the microbiome space, preparing to enter clinical-stage development of its lead compound for treating MS and IBD.

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