Companies To Watch

The Companies to Watch column spotlights small, entrepreneurial biopharma companies that are developing their own products (not just a platform) with little or no press coverage to date, and offering an interesting story involving useful business lessons.

  • Companies To Watch: AltruBio

    : AltruBio’s new approach — regulating a checkpoint to mediate T cells in immune diseases — can surprise people more familiar with checkpoint-blocking cancer treatments now on the market.

  • Companies To Watch: AMO Pharma

    AMO Pharma is applying “de-risked” compounds as potential medicines for rare diseases in brain development.

  • Companies To Watch: NervGen Pharma

    NervGen Pharma is going beyond preclinicals to human trials for a drug that could repair and regrow neurons.

  • Companies To Watch: IM Therapeutics

    Our company to watch this month is IM Therapeutics, which focuses on developing small molecule therapies for Type 1 diabetes, celiac disease, and other autoimmune conditions.

  • Companies To Watch: Lyra Therapeutics

    Our company to watch this month, Lyra Therapeutics, is focused on controlling chronic ENT conditions with precise drug elution and long action.

  • Companies To Watch: Carisma Therapeutics

    Carisma Therapeutics is a private company developing CAR-M (chimeric antigen receptor macrophage) as an alternative to CAR-T (CAR-T cell) and potential treatment for solid tumors rather than just liquid cancers.

  • Companies To Watch: PhaseBio

    PhaseBio is a small, public company aiming to enter a large-market therapeutic area: cardiovascular.

  • Companies To Watch: Akero Therapeutics

    Companies To Watch: Akero Therapeutics - Test-proofing a new metabolism drug to beat the liver disease, NASH

  • Companies To Watch: Artax Biopharma

    Artax Biopharma is challenging the immunosuppressive paradigm with a novel drug for autoimmune diseases.

  • Companies To Watch: Ridgeback Biotherapeutics

    Ridgeback Biotherapeutics is pitting new and potent antivirals versus COVID, Ebola, and other coronaviruses.

  • Companies To Watch: Osivax

    Osivax is developing universal vaccines for influenza, coronaviruses, and other infectious diseases such as malaria and human papillomavirus (HPV). Preclinical studies also have started on a coronavirus vaccine, which would include Covid-19.

  • Companies To Watch: CalciMedica

    “In a sense, the Covid association was a golden opportunity for our drug,” says Rachel Leheny, CEO of CalciMedica, a pharma focused on anti-inflammatories for pancreatitis that has now shifted to treatments for Covid-19 pneumonia.

  • Companies To Watch: Cidara Therapeutics

    Cidara Therapeutics is training its novel treatment and preventative for flu and other viral infections on Covid-19.

  • Companies To Watch: Equillium

    Equillium is keeping a close eye on the COVID-19 challenge, but sticking to acute GVHD, uncontrolled asthma, and lupus nephritis as primary inflammation targets.



  • Three biopharmaceutical executives discuss plans around their company getting back to in-office operations.

  • Recent events of female athletes expressing the need to focus on their mental health seems to point toward mental wellness being one of the next big things, along with women leaders being willing to "rewrite the rules."