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CEO Corner articles are written by presidents or CEOs of biopharmaceutical or medical device companies that create a drug or device. These articles discuss global industry trends, experiences, and challenges that biopharma CEOs and presidents can relate to and should be aware of.  To submit a CEO Corner article, please follow these guidelines.

  • Hiring C-Suite Leadership During The Pandemic

    We have continued to recruit senior leadership and board members during these difficult times, and we are seeing new interviewing and hiring practices evolve. Here are a few of our lessons we’ve learned.

  • How The Right Culture Leads To Highly Productive Teams

    “Culture” has gone from being a buzzword to a commonplace term in the last several years, and if a company isn’t careful, it can become almost meaningless as it's tossed around in documents and HR discussions.

  • Moving From Crisis To Lasting Change

    Our industry has an opportunity — an obligation really — to harness and improve upon the efforts made over the last few months to formalize a new operating model utilizing all of the clinical, digital, and pharmacological tools at our disposal to raise the standard of care for people well into the future.

  • Building A Biotech: The Third Key Ingredient Beyond Innovation & Funding

    I would argue that if biotech organizations, at the R&D stage in particular, cannot successfully manage their communications practices, they are much more likely to fail regardless of the merits of their innovative technology or ability to secure funding.

  • 5 Considerations When Moving From Big Pharma To Biotech

    Before making my decision, I needed to evaluate whether I was ready to face the unique challenges posed by biotech life. That’s why I thought it prudent to screen potential opportunities using a five-part framework.

  • Leading And Managing Change During A Time Of Transition And Cultural Transformation

    While strategic leadership during times of transition and transformation can be especially challenging, consistently prioritizing organizational goals and strategies is paramount to success.

  • Leading With Authenticity In Turbulent Times

    Today, as we strive to be adaptive and productive during the pandemic, leaders can play an important role in “normalizing” the unthinkable and leading with authenticity and truth has never been more important.

  • Becoming The CEO

    Two years ago, I was destined for retirement. Now, I’m the CEO of a company that is developing an ultra-long-lasting dosage form that will allow people to take their medicine once a week or even once a month.

  • Insights From A First-Time Biotech CEO

    Alessandro Riva, M.D. is a first-time biotech CEO who shares some of the values and leadership strategies he has learned over the years, including how to foster a culture of relentless innovation.

  • Effective Patient Engagement Starts With Strong Relationships

    If patients are always at the heart of why we do what we do, then why do they feel that pharmaceutical companies don’t truly understand their needs?



  • What Does Travel Look Like For You In 2021?

    With the annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare conference going virtual in January of 2021, Rob Wright asks readers about their business travel plans for next year, and includes anonymized thoughts on posed questions from two Life Science Leader editorial advisory board members.

  • It’s Time We Ready Americans For The COVID-19 Long Haul

    Rob Wright issues a call to action to everyone connected to the biopharmaceutical industry, recommending they begin communicating the realities of developing and distributing a COVID-19 vaccine by the end of this year.