CEO Corner

CEO Corner articles are written by presidents or CEOs of biopharmaceutical or medical device companies that create a drug or device. These articles discuss global industry trends, experiences, and challenges that biopharma CEOs and presidents can relate to and should be aware of.  To submit a CEO Corner article, please follow these guidelines.

  • Navigating Growth In Biotech: A First-Person Insight

    Five attributes are essential for emerging biotech companies to thrive and grow in what will be a challenging financing environment for the foreseeable future. These attributes also serve as a proxy for creating long-term, sustainable value.

  • Delivering The Next Evolution In Immuno-Oncology

    To continue the momentum created by new discoveries and treatments for cancer patients, drug developers need a strong and focused corporate culture, employees willing to challenge established norms, and a system for prioritizing development candidates guided by science and patient needs.

  • Facing The Drug Launch Challenge As A New CEO

    Economic instability, geopolitical struggles, market access, pricing, and regulatory differences — among many other issues — can present themselves at any time before, during, or after the launch. What is important is how a CEO manages the steps toward launch success.

  • Essential Elements Of Becoming A Successful CEO

    In this article, I address what it takes to succeed as a CEO by sharing insights and learnings from my own career in the hope that my experiences will offer some valuable guidance to those who aspire to become CEOs.

  • Making The Jump From Big Pharma To Biotech

    When a recruiter presented me with an opportunity to become CEO of a small but rising publicly listed biotech in my native Canada, I had to give it a lot of thought. Although I loved my job, I was a bit itchy to make not just a career move, but a life move.

  • From Science To CEO: Advice For First-Time Founders

    Although it’s still early in my transition from a researcher in a lab to CEO, I think it’s worth sharing the playbook I wish I had when I started out.

  • My Journey From "Science Guy" To CEO

    I am a big believer in refining one's personal brand and even reinventing yourself to create opportunities for personal growth. During my career, some key truths and learnings have emerged that I feel privileged to share, and I hope these will be insightful and helpful.

  • Driving And Sustaining Innovation In Biopharma Today

    We’ve arrived at a critical window for innovation in rare disease that must be treated with the same caliber and urgency that we saw nearly three years ago at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • What I Learned As CEO The First Time Around

    Less than 10% of novel compounds that enter Phase 1 clinical trials obtain FDA approval, which is why we followed a detailed roadmap for budgeting and advancing our new therapy at each stage of development.

  • The Model Of A Well-Funded Biotech Startup

    Here are some business management changes to secure the future of biotech startups in 2023 and beyond.