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CEO Corner articles are written by presidents or CEOs of biopharmaceutical or medical device companies that create a drug or device. These articles discuss global industry trends, experiences, and challenges that biopharma CEOs and presidents can relate to and should be aware of.  To submit a CEO Corner article, please follow these guidelines.

  • Facing The Drug Launch Challenge As A New CEO

    Economic instability, geopolitical struggles, market access, pricing, and regulatory differences — among many other issues — can present themselves at any time before, during, or after the launch. What is important is how a CEO manages the steps toward launch success.

  • Essential Elements Of Becoming A Successful CEO

    In this article, I address what it takes to succeed as a CEO by sharing insights and learnings from my own career in the hope that my experiences will offer some valuable guidance to those who aspire to become CEOs.

  • Making The Jump From Big Pharma To Biotech

    When a recruiter presented me with an opportunity to become CEO of a small but rising publicly listed biotech in my native Canada, I had to give it a lot of thought. Although I loved my job, I was a bit itchy to make not just a career move, but a life move.

  • From Science To CEO: Advice For First-Time Founders

    Although it’s still early in my transition from a researcher in a lab to CEO, I think it’s worth sharing the playbook I wish I had when I started out.

  • My Journey From "Science Guy" To CEO

    I am a big believer in refining one's personal brand and even reinventing yourself to create opportunities for personal growth. During my career, some key truths and learnings have emerged that I feel privileged to share, and I hope these will be insightful and helpful.

  • Driving And Sustaining Innovation In Biopharma Today

    We’ve arrived at a critical window for innovation in rare disease that must be treated with the same caliber and urgency that we saw nearly three years ago at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • What I Learned As CEO The First Time Around

    Less than 10% of novel compounds that enter Phase 1 clinical trials obtain FDA approval, which is why we followed a detailed roadmap for budgeting and advancing our new therapy at each stage of development.

  • The Model Of A Well-Funded Biotech Startup

    Here are some business management changes to secure the future of biotech startups in 2023 and beyond.

  • Our Long Journey To FDA Approval

    The financial markets, though, weren’t the cause of one of the most difficult periods I faced as CEO of AVEO Oncology. Instead, it was the decade-long journey we took to gain approval of our flagship kidney cancer drug, FOTIVDA (tivozanib), after significant regulatory and organizational setbacks.

  • How Diversity And Motherhood Fortified Me As A Women’s Health CEO

    The lessons I have learned through my diverse background and motherhood are additive to those shared by many females who have stood up to share their perspectives and offer advice about how to break the pervasive glass ceiling.