• Platforms To Pipelines: Part 1

    To discover why companies go about transforming themselves from technology suppliers into biotherapeutics developers, we spoke with the heads of five companies built upon novel platforms for discovery or development of new biotherapeutics, though at various stages and differences in applied strategies.

  • IP Do’s And Don’ts For Early-Stage Life Sciences Companies

    Early-stage life sciences companies typically focus their time and resources on developing their core products, positioning them for commercial success, and, if applicable, obtaining FDA approval. Intellectual property protection is often further down their list of priorities. This is a mistake.

  • Tackling Uncertainty In Drug R&D

    Can bioinformatics help biopharma companies manage their expectations and limit their risk in drug R&D? Ben Zeskind, a CEO who has built and bet his entire career on a positive answer to that question, discusses his reasons for optimism.

  • COVID Presents An Opportunity For Rural Biopharma Innovation

    During the COVID pandemic, skilled workers began leaving urban centers (or the workforce altogether) to improve their quality of life and get some literal and figurative distance. How do we ensure that innovation follows?

  • Involve Patients In Product Development … From The Beginning

    When bringing new therapies to market, it’s no longer just about efficacy and safety data when trying to gain regulatory approval. Nowadays, input from patients throughout the development of medical products is more important than ever.

  • How Small Biotechs Can Implement Pharmacovigilance Systems

    Learnings on how to implement drug safety protocols effectively — both time-wise and cost-wise

  • Inside The Planning Of Audentes' Future Manufacturing Facility

    A Q&A regarding Audentes Therapeutics’ Sanford, NC future facility, which will manufacture the company’s portfolio of adeno-associated virus (AAV)-based gene therapies aimed at targeting serious rare neuromuscular diseases.

  • Small Pharma-Service Entrepreneurs Make A Big Impact

    Over the past year, I have spoken with dozens of rising entrepreneurs – those people who are building the next wave of innovative, technology-focused pharma services companies. These are the unsung heroes of drug development.

  • Tips For Biotechs Considering Building Their Own Facilities

    The engineering discipline and technical skills needed to build a new biopharma facility are generally absent within a startup biotech. Here are some key issues to consider when tackling this daunting challenge.

  • It’s Time To Recalibrate The Pharma Supply Chain

    After the COVID crisis, pharma supply chains need to be recalibrated. So, what needs to be done with parties upstream (suppliers) and those that are downstream (customers) before it is too late?