• Democratic House Passes Rx Price Controls Amid Pandemic

    During this COVID-19 crisis, government should be collaborating closely with industry to promote innovation that will save lives, improve health and bring back prosperity that can come with safely reopening the economy. Yet, it is astonishing that House Democrats have chosen the opposite path.

  • The Politicizing Of Healthcare Vs. Principled Public Health Policy

    Politics must not drive population health. How do we safeguard against October surprises and ensure that announcements on drug and vaccine developments and approvals are driven by science and not politics?

  • Trends In Bioprocessing CDMO Selection

    Which CDMO characteristics do experienced outsourcers value the most when choosing a CDMO for biologic API production? Data from the past three iterations of ISR’s Bioprocessing Market Trends and Outsourcing Dynamics show the top selection metrics remain cosnsistent despite some shifts in ranks over the years. Learn which attributes to focus on as a sponsor or CDMO.

  • Demystifying AI In Pharma

    AI is less about the tool than what it can do. Instead of thinking about AI as a smart machine or some theoretical statistical algorithm, think of it as a framework consisting of five other words starting with “A”: automated, assistive, analytical, accelerated, and augmented.

  • COVID-19's Effect On Life Science Litigation

    For life sciences companies trying to navigate pre-COVID-19 obligations in this new post-coronavirus world, there are contractual provisions, relevant legal doctrines, and realities of the judicial system that warrant careful consideration.


  • The Benefit Of Having A Highly Engaged Editorial Advisory Board

    Newest Life Science Leader editorial advisory board member, Pamela Reilly Contag, Ph.D., cofounder and CEO of BioEclipse, provides a comprehensive response to recent “Ask The Board” question, “What has been the greatest biopharma business related insight you have gained from continued operation during the first half of this year?” 

  • Lawrence Blatt: Biopharma Entrepreneur And Professional Musician

    Lawrence Blatt, Ph.D., cofounder and CEO of Aligos Therapeutics, his latest biopharma entrepreneurial venture, provides insight into the music industry, as he happens to also be a professional musician.

  • A Biopharma CEO Not Focused On Stock Price

    BioNTech’s founder and CEO, Ugur Sahin, M.D., Ph.D., subject of an upcoming feature in Life Science Leader, provides perspective on the company’s IPO and stock price as a metric.