Balancing Biopharma’s Bright Future Against Its Tarnished Image —  Insights From 6 Retired CEOs
Balancing Biopharma’s Bright Future Against Its Tarnished Image — Insights From 6 Retired CEOs

Find out what life is like after retiring from a pharma CEO role. These 6 leaders  speak — unrestrained by corporate lawyers and PR teams — about the current state of the industry.

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  • Four Keys to Leading Transformation
    Four Keys to Leading Transformation

    Welcome to the second edition of Dr. Liz on Leadership! Each month, I will bring you new insights, practical tools, and targeted advice to help you, your team, and your organization thrive in today’s rapidly changing healthcare environment. I invite you to share comments, questions, and requests for topics you’d like me to address in future articles. Come join the conversation!

  • Is Blockchain The Solution To Drug Traceability?
    Is Blockchain The Solution To Drug Traceability?

    It seems blockchain technology is following the hype path the cloud did a few years ago. The most talked-about example of blockchain is Bitcoin, a digital currency that does not rely on a central authority (such as the Federal Reserve) to clear financial transactions. A few short months ago, the word “blockchain” was seldom mentioned in supply chain circles. Now, it’s not uncommon to be asked what your blockchain strategy is within those same circles. What has changed is its successful use and blockchain platforms adding functionality.

  • 5 Ways To Engage Clinical Trial Sites With Technology
    5 Ways To Engage Clinical Trial Sites With Technology

    Clinical research has a reputation for being notoriously slow to adopt new technologies. This should come as no surprise to those in the industry, since we operate in a highly regulated environment.

  • FDA, PDUFA, And Patient Engagement — What Pharma Companies Need To Know (And Do)
    FDA, PDUFA, And Patient Engagement — What Pharma Companies Need To Know (And Do)

    Pharmaceutical companies operating in the U.S. are facing challenges in 2017 and beyond related to how their products are assessed by regulators and paid for by insurers and customers. But new opportunities are emerging, and patient engagement is the key to unlocking them. New regulatory developments at the FDA and beyond allow companies to leverage patient experiences and behaviors to create better products, obtain faster regulatory approvals, and better demonstrate the value of their products over time to payers and reimbursement bodies.

  • How GSK Launched A Continuous Manufacturing Pilot Plant — And What It Learned
    How GSK Launched A Continuous Manufacturing Pilot Plant — And What It Learned

    Last November, we had the privilege of visiting GSK’s U.S. global R&D hub in Upper Providence, Pa. The 1.4-million sq. ft. facility will soon house the company’s consolidated U.S. R&D activities across the areas of HIV and infectious disease, oncology, immune-inflammation, metabolic pathways and cardiovascular, and dermatology. By 2018, it will be home to more than 3,200 employees, who will collaborate on target identification, safety studies, active pharmaceutical ingredient (API) manufacture, and many other R&D-related activities.

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  • Successful Transformations Require A Post-Period Of Reflection

    While it is a little early in the Merck Manufacturing Division (MMD) transformation to determine what, if anything, he would have done differently, it is likely Sanat Chattopadhyay will explore this exercise in the near future. “Every time I complete an assignment, whether a transformation or consolidation, I reflect on what was done and realize that there are always some missteps,” shares Chattopadhyay, the president of MMD. “For example, when I was in India, I did the transformation from internal to external manufacturing too fast. Sometime I could benefit from right-sizing my own ambition,” he says with a smile.

  • What Would 6 Industry Icons Do Differently If Given The Chance To Be CEO Again?

    In the July 2017, Life Science Leader magazine we will be publishing the article — Balancing Biopharma’s Bright Future Against Its Tarnished Image — 6 Retired CEOs Share Insights For Today’s Industry Leaders. The story features six former CEOs: Mike Bonney (Cubist); Hank McKinnell, Ph.D., (Pfizer); Francois Nader, M.D., (NPS Pharmaceuticals); David Pyott (Allergan); Stephen Sherwin, M.D., (Cell Genesys); and Henri Termeer (Genzyme). As each of these executive was gracious enough to give us an hour of their time, we encountered a slight problem — too many great insights to be included within all the pages of a print publication.

  • Why Would Human Health Companies Want To Partner With Zoetis?

    When Zoetis, the former animal health business unit of Pfizer, was spun off as an independent company via an IPO in February 2013 (see Life Science Leader’s June 2017 cover feature), overnight it became the world’s largest publically traded animal health company. And while no longer part of one of the largest human health companies in the world, this doesn’t mean that a company focused on developing products just for animals isn’t interested in collaborating with biopharmas dedicated to creating therapeutics for people. Scott Brown, D.V.M., Ph.D., is the executive responsible for brokering such collaborations. The VP of external innovation elaborates on some of the challenges faced by Zoetis post IPO in creating research collaborations, as well as why human-health oriented companies might want to consider collaborating with an animal–health-focused company like Zoetis.

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