• How To Better Recruit & Retain Clinical Trial Managers

    Talent shortage is causing a backlog in clinical studies. One position critical to helping ease this jam is clinical trial managers, who serve as the primary organizer and supervisor over the trial.

  • 3 Essentials For Choosing A Clinical Data Provider

    In our experience, there are at least three key factors pharmaceutical and life sciences companies should consider as they select and engage with clinical data providers.

  • How Are DCTs Impacting Your Clinical Sites?

    Where do your sites stand on DCTs? For this article, we spoke with three site experts who discussed the pain points of DCTs, including costs, budgeting, training, support, staffing, resources, and more.

  • 7 Strategies To Improve Clinical Trial Success

    It takes considerable funding, resources, and time to begin and complete a clinical trial. Here are seven areas that sponsors can focus on to achieve success.

  • Achieving True Patient Centricity Means Shaping The Long-Term Culture Of Change

    To achieve a patient-centered transformation initiative, it’s important to navigate the change process with rigor, using evidence-based approaches and integrating behavioral sciences. Here are a few key lessons learned from multiple patient-centric transformations.

  • How UX Research Can Improve Remote Clinical Trials

    The practices, processes, and tools of the user experience (UX) design community, which has been conducting at-home research with users for many years, could help address some of the new challenges associated with remote and hybrid clinical trials.

  • Do Patients Really Want Hybrid Clinical Trials?

    “Decentralized and hybrid trials offer convenience, but that convenience must be balanced with individual preferences. We are entering an age of more personalized and customized participant experiences, and we have to figure out how to manage that,” says Ken Getz of CISCRP.

  • Is Janssen’s Pathway Approach The Future Of Drug Development

    Two Janssen execs talk about the future of what they call a pathway approach to developing new medicines, which attempts to match the biology of a pathway to unmet medical need for patients, across a broad range of immune-mediated, inflammatory disease.

  • The Future of Clinical Research Is Bright

    This is an exciting time to be involved in clinical trials. I feel like I have been saying that for the more than eight years that I have been writing about clinical research, and every year seems to bring new technologies and new opportunities.

  • Message To CROs: Keep That Pandemic Tool Belt Handy

    During the last year, despite countless obstacles and dangers, the pharma industry managed to remain steadfast and get to where we are today – hopefully with COVID-19 in the rear-view mirror. Let’s take a closer look at the numbers.