Industry Leader

Industry Leader articles are written by executives at biopharma companies, consultancies, research firms, and companies that provide services or products to sponsors. The topics are nonpromotional and focused on industrywide business issues.

  • Why Founder CEOs Deliver In Bear Markets

    Downturns like the current one highlight the need to move from an industry built for the next exit to one that’s built to benefit patients by prioritizing the best science and sustainable drug innovation.

  • How IT Can Drive Life Sciences Innovation

    Here are three ways biotech companies and research universities can better balance IT demands with researchers’ needs.

  • My Path From The Clinic, To Research, To Biotech Leadership

    I never thought I would leave academia. However, “a knock” on my career door presented me with an opportunity to join a biotech company with cell-free DNA testing. I considered my options carefully, spoke with family and mentors, and made the leap earlier this year.

  • Can We Accelerate Biosimilars Development Without Compromising Quality Or Safety?

    What can we do to accelerate biosimilars’ path to market without compromising quality or safety? While clinical changes would likely take years, if not decades, to implement, innovations in CMC protocols may provide near-term solutions.

  • The Insurance Implications Of Global Clinical Trials

    Global clinical trials will only continue to grow in importance because of the need to develop additional treatments and therapies, but this accelerated growth pace alongside a myriad of regulatory pressures means that having a dedicated risk and insurance strategy has never been more important for life sciences companies.

  • Addressing Health Inequities With RWE: Not Just Lip Service

    The relative paucity of population-specific clinical data highlights the importance of real-world evidence (RWE) as a means to more fully characterize the impact of medications on minority populations in the community setting.

  • Supply Chain Problems: Overcoming The Challenges

    Life science supply chains are highly complex and need to take into consideration IP, changing tax and market needs, growing reliance on third-party partners, and more. This all requires vigilant governance and risk management.

  • How Do I Participate In The Legislative Process?

    As an entrepreneur, day-to-day management, financing, and growth are critical aspects of the job. For those who also lean toward service, there’s an opportunity to extend beyond these daily concerns and think through a national approach.

  • How Cell And Gene Therapies Are Advancing Collaborations In Biopharma

    The last time I wrote for Life Science Leader, I highlighted the importance of collaboration in the field of regenerative medicine. Here, I wanted to reassess how these collaborations are elevating the state of science as well as diversity initiatives with a focus on cell and gene therapies.

  • The Future Of Pharma Lies In Gaming Technologies

    Pharma is seeing significant benefits (e.g., shortened time-to-market) from tools such as augmented reality (AR), mixed reality (MR), virtual reality (VR), and extended reality (XR) technologies when applied to clinical trials, R&D, and manufacturing.