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Industry Leader articles are written by executives at biopharma companies, consultancies, research firms, and companies that provide services or products to sponsors. The topics are nonpromotional and focused on industrywide business issues.

  • I’ve Learned That Hope Is At The Center Of Innovation

    In biotech, results show that every innovative success must subsidize nine expensive failures. Fundamentally, this is an industry of optimists, and we do not give up against overwhelming odds.

  • Building Scientific Trust Virtually

    How do you build, manage, and grow global oncology teams in opposite time zones amidst a pandemic? It’s a question I asked myself as I accepted a new position eight months into the COVID-19 lockdown.

  • How To Overcome Bottlenecks To Expedite Drug Approvals

    For most drug developers, the question remains: How can we accelerate delivering new drugs to patients, while at the same time, ensuring those drugs meet stringent regulatory requirements? Here are some tips that may help.

  • Virtual Marking: A Flexible Option For Pharmaceuticals

    Although virtual marking has been available for nearly a decade, courts have provided little specific guidance. Still, there are some points to keep in mind for virtual marking.

  • Realizing The Value Of Quantum Computing In Life Sciences

    In the life sciences sector, quantum computing holds great potential for transforming data-heavy processes, from accelerating drug discovery to simulating clinical trials, and is one of the key technological areas we predict will impact life sciences for the better.

  • How To Prepare For The Next Healthcare Crisis That We Don’t See Coming

    Given everything that we have learned from the COVID-19 situation,  healthcare leaders can implement the following key takeaways to help them successfully weather the next storm that comes our way.

  • Do Biobanks Need New Strategies?

    Precision medicine necessitates precision research, which necessitates getting highly specific biospecimens to researchers on demand, in alignment with their demand. Researchers shouldn’t have to adjust their research to whatever specimens are available; supply needs to fit the research.

  • Building A Legacy With Complex Assets

    For life science executives, deciding how to manage your overall portfolio, including illiquid or complex assets, is an important step in preserving both your financial and philanthropic legacies.

  • How We Landed In The International Space Station

    Looking back, it’s ironic that we named our company LaunchPad Medical. Our inspiration for the name came from our plan to take challenging ideas and materials and “launch” them into the medical space to revolutionize healthcare. But it never dawned on me to take our research to the International Space Station (ISS).

  • Taking A Strengths-Based Approach To Diversity & Inclusion

    Organizations and their leaders often focus on what needs to improve, but research shows there is more to be gained from a strengths-based approach. Coaching around strengths yields greater optimism and success.



  • Three biopharmaceutical executives discuss plans around their company getting back to in-office operations.

  • Recent events of female athletes expressing the need to focus on their mental health seems to point toward mental wellness being one of the next big things, along with women leaders being willing to "rewrite the rules."