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Board Members

John Baldoni
Chair, Leadership Development 
Practice, N2growth

Alex Chang, Ph.D. 
Director, Global Licensing & Business Development, Glenmark

William Ciambrone
Formerly EVP, Technical Operations, Shire

Ron Cohen, M.D.
President and CEO
Acorda Therapeutics, Inc.

Laurie Cooke
CEO, Healthcare Businesswomen’s 
Association (HBA)

Tom DiLenge
General Counsel & Head of Public Policy

Barry Eisenstein, M.D.
Senior VP, Scientific Affairs
Cubist Pharmaceuticals

Heather Erickson
President and CEO 
Life Sciences Foundation

Tim Garnett
CMO, Eli Lilly

Ron Guido
President, Lifecare Services, LLC

Laura Hales, Ph.D.
Founder, The Isis Group

Anu Hans
VP & CPO Enterprise Supply Chain, J&J

Fred Hassan 
Managing Director, Warburg Pincus
John Hubbard, Ph.D. 
Independent Director and Board 
Member, Agile Therapeutics

Maik Jornitz
Founder, BioProcess Resources, LLC
Immediate Past Chair, PDA

Mitchell Katz, Ph.D.
Head of Medical Research and Drug Safety Operations, Purdue Pharma, L.P.

Mary Rose Keller
Vice President, Clinical Operations
Tocagen, Inc.

John LaMattina, Ph.D.
Senior Partner, PureTech Ventures

Craig Lipset
Head of Clinical Innovation, 
Worldwide Research & Development, Pfizer

Kenneth Moch
President, Euclidian Life Science Advisors

Bernard Munos
Founder, InnoThink Center for 
Research in Biomedical Innovation 

Mike Myatt
Leadership Advisor, N2growth

Carol Nacy, Ph.D.
CEO, Sequella, Inc.

Sesha Neervannan, Ph.D.
VP Pharmaceutical Development

Mark Petrich, Ph.D., PE 
Director, Component Engineering
Global Sterile & Validation Center 
of Excellence, Merck

Sandra Poole
Executive Vice President, 
Technical Operations, ImmunoGen, Inc. 

Dennis J. Purcell
Founder and Senior Advisor, 
Aisling Capital LLC

Chandra Ramanathan, 
Ph.D., M.B.A.
Global Lead, External Innovation
Bayer AG

John Reynders, Ph.D.
Chief Information Officer
Moderna Therapeutics

James Robinson
Former VP, Vaccine & Biologics 
Technical Operations, Merck

Andrew Skibo
EVP Operations, MedImmune
RVP, AstraZeneca

Jason Urban, Ph.D.
Director, Global Quality Risk 
Management and Compliance
Celgene Corporation

Leslie Williams
Founder, President, and CEO, ImmusanT

Dan Schell
Editorial Director, Life Science Leader
VertMarkets/Jameson Publishing
(814) 897-9000 x284