Margaret Anderson, Managing Director
Charlene Banard, Head of Quality, Technical Operations
Richard Baron, Board of Directors
Aspire Bariatrics
Jeffrey Berkowitz, Former EVP
UnitedHealth Group
Liz Bywater, Ph.D., President
Bywater Consulting Group
Ron Cohen, M.D., President & CEO
Acorda Therapeutics
Laurie Cooke, CEO
Healthcare Businesswomen's Association (HBA)
John Crowley, Chairman and CEO
Amicus Therapeutics
Rich Daly, Chairman & CEO
Raúl Díaz, Plant Manager, MSD Pharmaceutical Operations
Merck, Mexico
Tom Dilenge, President, Advocacy, Law & Public Policy Division
Biotechnology Innovation Organization
Tim Garnett, M.D., CMO & SVP of Medicines Development
Eli Lilly
Anu Hans, VP & CPO Enterprise Supply Chain
Fred Hassan, Managing Director
Warburg Pincus
Paul Hastings, President and CEO
Nkarta Therapeutics
John Hubbard, Ph.D., Board Member
Agile Therapeutics
Maik Jornitz, CEO
G-CON Manufacturing
Mitchell Katz, Ph.D., Head of Medical Research & Drug Safety Operations
Purdue Pharma
Mary Rose Keller, VP, Clinical Operations
Heron Therapeutics
Rachel King, CEO
Suresh Kumar, Former EVP External Affairs
John LaMattina, Ph.D., Sr. Partner
PureTech Ventures
Craig Lipset, Head of Clinical Innovation, Global Product Development
Sandy Macrae, Ph.D., President & CEO
Sangamo Therapeutics
Ken Moch, President & CEO
Cognition Therapeutics
Bernard Munos, Founder
InnoThink Center for Research in Biomedical Innovation
Carol Nacy, Ph.D., CEO
Francois Nader, M.D., Chairman of the Board
Acceleron Pharma
Sesha Neervannan, Ph.D., SVP Pharmaceutical Development
Julia Owens, Ph.D., President and CEO
Millendo Therapeutics
Mark Petrich, Ph.D., PE, Director, Single-Use Systems Engineering
Sandra Poole, Chief Operating Officer
LogicBio Therapeutics Inc.
Dennis Purcell, Founder & Sr. Advisor
Aisling Capital
David Pyott, Chairman of the Board
Bioniz Therapeutics
Chandra Ramanathan, Ph.D., MBA, VP & Head, East Coast Innovation Center
Stephen Rapundalo, Ph.D., President & CEO
John Reynders, Ph.D., VP, Data Sciences, Genomics, & Bioinformatics
Alexion Pharmaceuticals
James Robinson
Independent Manufacturing Consultant
Tomasz Sablinski,M.D., Ph.D., Cofounder & CEO
Transparency Life Sciences
Chhaya Shah, SVP Technical Operations
Synergy Pharmaceuticals
Andrew Skibo, EVP Operations
MedImmune RVP, AstraZeneca
Jason Urban, Ph.D., Sr. Director, Business Operational Excellence
Leslie Williams, Founder, President & CEO


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