Ask The Board

  1. Are You Seeing Any Initiatives By The Industry To Adopt The “Public” Blockchain For This And/Or Similar Purposes?

    See the answer from Craig Lipset, head of clinical innovation within worldwide R&D at Pfizer.

  2. How Will IT Applications Used In R&D And Manufacturing Change To Meet The New Requirements Associated With Gene Therapy? What New Functionality Will Need To Be Provided?

    See the answer from John Reynders is VP, R&D strategy, program management, and data sciences at Alexion.

  3. Regarding Clinical Trial Matching Services, How Mature Is This Technology? What Should I Be Looking For If I Want To Use These Services, And Do They Work Well In All Therapeutic Areas?

    See the answer from Mary Rose Keller is VP clinical operations at Heron Therapeutics.

  4. Should We Be Thinking About The Ethical Considerations Of Approving Clinical Trials Based On Scientific Merit/Patient Safety When 30 Percent Of Trials Will Never Complete Enrollment? Are We Breaking Our Commitment To Patients?

    See the answer from John LaMattina, Ph.D., the former senior VP at Pfizer, Inc. and president of Pfizer Global R&D.

  5. When Do You Think Clinical Research Will Be A True Integral Option Within The Continual Care Of Patients, And What Do You See Will Help Drive It There?

    See the answer from Tomasz Sablinski, MD, PhD., cofounder and CEO of Transparency Life Sciences.

  6. Virtual Clinical Trials Are Here. Do You Think The Pharma And Medical Industries Are Ready?

    See the answer from Thomas Wiggans, chairman and CEO of Dermira.

  7. How Would “Medicare For All” Be Financed?

    See the answer from Ron Cohen, M.D., president, CEO, and founder of Acorda Therapeutics.

  8. How Have Current Tensions Between Mexico And The White House Impacted Biopharma Manufacturing Operations Located In Mexico?

    See the answer from Raul Diaz who directs MSD Animal Health Large Molecules Biopharm Operations in Montes Claros, Brazil. He has managed Merck manufacturing facilities in Europe, Mexico, and the United States.

  9. How Do Leaders Transition From A Functional Role To A GM-Like Role?

    See the answer from Sandy Macrae, M.B., Ch.B., Ph.D., CEO of Sangamo Therapeutics. He has over 20 years of leadership experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

  10. What Industry Trend Are You Paying Closest Attention To?

    See the answer from Fred Hassan, the managing director at Warburg Pincus and former chairman of Bausch & Lomb.