Ask The Board

  1. When Do You Think BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Will Become Widely Used To Capture PRO Data In Clinical Research?

    See the answer from John Hubbard, Ph.D., a member of the board of Agile Therapeutics and former CEO of Bioclinica.

  2. What Are Pharma Companies Doing To Provide Greater Commitment To Ethical Practices And Transparencies Along With Corporate Social Responsibility?

    See the answer from Kenneth Moch, president and CEO of Cognition Therapeutics.

  3. What Are The Socioeconomic Impacts Of Life-Span-Extending Medicines And Treatments? What Developments Are Really Promising?

    See the answer from David Pyott, chairman of Bioniz Therapeutics, a small startup in Irvine, CA.

  4. How Will Pharma Sponsors Comply With PDUFA VI Requirements Related To Collecting/Submitting “Voice Of The Patient” Data As Part Of Their NDA?

    See the answer from Sandy Macrae, M.B., Ch.B., Ph.D., CEO of Sangamo Therapeutics. He has over 20 years of leadership experience in the pharmaceutical industry.

  5. What Is Your Opinion On Smaller Rare Disease Companies Being Acquired And Big Pharma’s Ability To Be Patient-Centric With These Populations?

    See the answer from John Crowley, the chairman & CEO of Amicus Therapeutics, a global biotechnology company focused on developing and delivering medicines for people living with rare, devastating diseases.

  6. When First Becoming A CEO, What Did You Soon Discover About Yourself As Being A Skill Gap, And How Did You Go About Filling It?

    See the answer from Julia Owens, Ph.D., president, CEO, and cofounder of Millendo Therapeutics, a company focused on endocrine drug development.

  7. Clinical Trials Continue To Increase In Complexity And Collect More Data. What Should Sponsors Do To Reduce The Costs Of Clinical Trials?

    See the answer from Mary Rose Keller, VP clinical operations at Tocagen who has 30+ years of industry experience in clinical development strategy and execution of global Phase 1 to 4 clinical trials for drug, biologic, and diagnostic products.

  8. Is There A Rise In Activist Investor Activity, And If So, What Is Driving It?

    See the answer from Dennis Purcell, a founder and senior advisor of Aisling Capital who has completed over 200 transactions and supervised over $15 billion life science industry financing and advisory assignments.

  9. What Does Every Biopharmaceutical Executive Need To Know About California’s New Drug Pricing Transparency Law, And How Likely Is This To Spread To Other States And Why?

    See the answer from Tom DiLenge, president, advocacy, law & public policy division for BIO. Prior to joining BIO, Tom held senior roles at the House Homeland Security and Energy and Commerce Committees.

  10. Is There Any Form Of Drug-Pricing Legislation You Could Get Behind, And, If So, What Would It Look Like?

    See the answer from Ron Cohen, M.D., president, CEO, and founder of Acorda Therapeutics, a public biotechnology company developing therapies for spinal cord injury, MS, and other nervous-system disorders.