Aside From Publications, What Can Academic Scientists Do To Promote Their Research And Discoveries To Potential Licensees Or Drug Developers?

Source: Life Science Leader
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WITH INCREASED FOCUS ON ACCESS TO EARLY INNOVATION, academic scientists have a great opportunity to accelerate the translation of their innovation to impact patient needs. While publication and broader dissemination of science is the goal, IP protection must be established prior to publication. Beyond publication, a discovery can be used in several ways:

  1. Biopharma partnership: Local industry organizations like MassBIO offer opportunities to connect with biopharma companies for partnerships.
  2. NewCo creation: Depending on the nature of discovery, a new company creation could be the best path for commercialization. This will involve reaching out to VCs and other investors for funding.
  3. Cocreation: This involves partnering and building on specific research ideas toward joint IP creation.

The exact path forward depends on the nature of discovery and investigator’s interest. Most academic universities have strong technology transfer offices that can help them protect and showcase their research aside from publications.

CHANDRA RAMANATHAN is global head of innovation hubs, Danaher Corporation.