Ask The Board

  1. Knowing How Many Companies Use Various Social Media Outlets For Communications, What Impact Does The Recent Cambridge Analytica And Facebook Scandal Have On Our Company And Our Industry As A Whole?

    See the answer from Craig Lipset, head of clinical innovation within worldwide R&D at Pfizer.

  2. Why Are We Seeing Fewer Companies Willing To Make Older Generic Drugs, And What Can Be Done To Fix This Problem?

    See the answer from John LaMattina, Ph.D., the former senior VP at Pfizer, Inc. and president of Pfizer Global R&D.

  3. What Advice Do You Have For People Starting A Biopharma Company?

    See the answer from Francois Nader, MD, MBA, chairman of Acceleron Pharma and the former CEO of NPS Pharma.

  4. Any Suggestions For How To Work With Public-Sector Customers?

    See the answer from Jeff Berkowitz, a 25 year industry veteran, who has served in senior executive roles across the healthcare continuum with the likes of Schering-Plough, Merck, the Walgreens Boots Alliance and UnitedHealth Group.

  5. When Is The Best Time To Implement A Secondary Manufacturing Sourcing Strategy?

    See the answer from Chhaya Shah, SVP of manufacturing & technical operations at Synergy Pharmaceuticals.

  6. What Do Biopharma Execs (Not Typically Involved In Manufacturing) Need To Understand About PUPSIT?

    See the answer from Maik Jornitz, CEO of G-CON Manufacturing and founder of BioProcess Resources.

  7. What Are Some Challenges Of Patient-Driven Drug Development, And How Can They Be Overcome?

    See the answer from Chandra Ramanathan, Ph.D., the VP and head of the Bayer-AG’s U.S. east coast innovation center.

  8. What Are The Greatest Challenges Facing Our Industry, And What Are Companies And Our Industry Doing To Meet Such Challenges?

    See the answer from Rich Daly, chairman, CEO, and president of Neuralstem, Inc., a public company enabling commercial-scale production of multiple types of CNS stem cells.

  9. In Your Role As A Biopharmaceutical Angel Investor, What Are Some Questions You Ask And Why?

    See the answer from Tomasz Sablinski, M.D., Ph.D., cofounder and CEO of Transparency Life Sciences.

  10. Why Does It Seem Academia Is Moving Away From Participating In Clinical Trials, And What Could Be Done To Bring Them Back Into The Fold?

    A: OVER 30 YEARS AGO when I began my career, clinical trials were predominately the purview of universities. Now, out of 50 sites in a representative program at my company, only three are academic and only one entered a subject on a study. We tried hard to engage — advisory board involvement, conference meetings, site visits — but simply couldn’t get the university sites open.