What Have Been The Most Valuable Lessons Learned Over The Past Two Years?

Source: Life Science Leader
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KEY LEARNING HAS BEEN THE IMPORTANCE OF SUPPLY CHAIN RESILIENCY and its ability to be agile and flexible to weather turbulent times. The pandemic tested supply chain business continuity planning, expediting innovative approaches to overcome challenges such as using virtual technology to conduct validations and audits. We also saw changes that improved supplier management and inventory optimization.

In addition, the importance of leading with empathy became a critical leadership trait as the pandemic disrupted our lives, converting homes to offices, schools, and care centers. Focusing on the team’s well-being and leading with compassion, though always important, was never more important than during the last two years. Leaders needed to lend a listening ear, provide flexibility, and balance the needs of the people and business in order to drive outcomes. Institutionalizing the lessons from the last two years will better prepare us for the future.

ANU HANS is VP of strategic initiatives at Janssen Supply Chain.