Magazine Article | March 1, 2022

Why Does Diversity In Clinical Trials Continue To Be A Challenge For Biopharma Companies, And What Thoughts/Ideas Do You Have On How To Overcome?

Source: Life Science Leader

SOME OF THE BARRIERS TO IMPROVING CLINICAL TRIAL DIVERSITY INCLUDE MISTRUST, lack of understanding and negative perceptions of clinical research, anxiety about side effects, time commitment, financial burden, and transportation. To overcome some of these barriers, plan for diversity from the outset by incorporating diversity into feasibility assessments and select sites and countries to achieve demographic goals. Educate and inspire investigators and coordinators, consider training minority physicians who are not familiar with clinical research. Go where the patients are and engage their communities. Increase awareness of clinical research through social media outreach, lectures and podcasts. Provide easy to understand information including a list of FAQs. Offer patients transportation, flexible hours and compensation for their participation in the trial.

MITCHELL KATZ, PH.D., is VP, development operations at Ferring Pharmaceuticals.