Ask The Board

  1. How Do You Mitigate The Risks To Patient Safety And Data Integrity In Virtual Clinical Trials?

    See the answer from Al Altomari, chairman and CEO of Agile Therapeutics.

  2. How Are Life Science Leaders Preparing For A Potential Talent Shortage In The New Digital World?

    See the answer from Chhaya Shah, SVP of technical operations at Radius Health.

  3. Do You Think The Biopharma Industry Is Prepared For Brexit, And What Impact Will It Have On The Industry?

    See the answer from Allan Shaw, a four-time public company CFO who has served on five public boards, which included chairing two audit committees and two compensation committees.

  4. As Governments Develop Policies And Regulatory Guidelines Around AI, What Advice Do You Have For Pharma Leaders On AI Implementation?

    See the answer from David Pyott, the chairman of Bioniz Therapeutics, a biopharma startup in Irvine, CA. He is the former CEO of Allergan.

  5. What Role Should The Pain Therapeutics Industry Play In Combatting The Opioid Epidemic?

    See the answer from Mitchell Katz, Ph.D., who has 30 years’ experience in the pharma and biotech. He is VP of development operations at Ferring Pharmaceuticals.

  6. How Do You View The Emerging Field Of Anti-Aging Therapies? Is This Therapeutic Approach Ready Now, Five Years Away, Or A Pipe Dream?

    See the answer from Sesha Neervannan, Ph.D., SVP of pharmaceutical development at Allergan.

  7. Over The Next Few Years, Should Biopharmas Broaden Their Definition For What They Define As “Core?”

    See the answer from Joseph Ferra, CFO of Syros Pharmaceuticals.

  8. What Are Some Of The Key Components In Gaining FDA Fast Track Designation For A Therapeutic?

    See the answer from Leslie Williams, president, CEO, and founder of ImmusanT, Inc.

  9. There Are Some Trends We Know To Expect, But What’s A Trend You Fear May Be Being Overlooked?

    See the answer from John Crowley, the chairman and CEO of Amicus Therapeutics.

  10. Are You Seeing Any Initiatives By The Industry To Adopt The “Public” Blockchain For This And/Or Similar Purposes?

    See the answer from Craig Lipset, head of clinical innovation within worldwide R&D at Pfizer.