Research & Development Solution Center

  1. Meeting Business Challenges By Design, Not Accident

    The story of the business challenges faced by Diasome Pharmaceuticals as it develops its insulin-enhancing delivery technology, which seeks to correct a long-known deficiency in subcutaneous injection of insulin.

  2. The Unique Challenges Facing Cannabis-based Pharma

    Now that the FDA has finally approved the first-ever pharmaceutical derived from the cannabis plant, will drug development — and success — in this niche finally take off?

  3. Germany’s Plan To Foster And Grow Biopharma Innovation

    In Germany, bioclusters and technology parks have been created to encourage and support pharmaceutical innovation in the region.

  4. Biopharma Bringing RWE Into The Real World

    Real-world evidence is playing an increasingly important role throughout the drug development lifecycle—as outlined in Deloitte's latest survey on the life sciences industry's RWE capabilities— and companies are really beginning to take notice.

  5. J&J’s QuickFire Challenges: Crowdsourcing Innovation

    An in-depth look at J&J’s QuickFire Challenge program and how some of the winners have benefitted (and grown) beyond the cash grants.

  6. 3 Operating Principles For Successful Drug Development

    Can a culture with supporting systems that are simple, efficient, and effective significantly shorten drug development times? Why not?

  7. Can A P3 Reduce Attrition Of Drug Candidates?

    A look at a unique UK-based public-private partnership (P3), called Open Targets that was created to help companies choose better drug targets and reduce attrition of candidate drugs.

  8. Intricate Supply Chain Complicates Gene Therapy Manufacturing

    With the FDA’s approval of three new gene therapies, researchers and manufacturers must now figure out how streamline the development process.

  9. GSK’s Bid To Accelerate Drug Discovery Using AI

    GSK is looking to create a more efficient drug development system by integrating AI into its process.

  10. Can AI Deliver Faster, Better Drug Development?

    As the cost of developing new medicines continues to rise, more pharmaceutical companies are looking at how artificial intelligence (AI) can help in drug development. But there are some hurdles to overcome before its full potential is reached.