CEO Corner

  1. My Advice To Aspiring Biopharma Entrepreneurs

    When it comes to achieving success, a few commonalities have crystallized for me during my 30+ years in the pharma industry. Here I share five key tenets that I have found critical to success over the arc of my career.

  2. Do You Know The 4 Pillars To Drive Stakeholder Value?

    Thirty-year pharma veteran Nancy Lurker shares her four pillars on which to build your business and why they are crucial to driving stakeholder value over the mid- to long-term.

  3. The Forgotten Piece Of The Opioid Epidemic — And How It Can Be Addressed

    To address the opioid epidemic we need an all-out national prevention effort akin to the one that finally began to slow the AIDS epidemic in the 1990s. Here are four actions that could help “unlock” the problem.

  4. From Academia To Pharma CEO: Challenges And Lessons Learned

    “Looking back on my 25 years in academic medical research, I can’t think of a single learning experience that equipped me for the world of entrepreneurship, running a public company, or interacting with the capital markets.”

  5. Realizing Aspirations Through Entrepreneurship

    Being the founder and CEO of SQZ Biotech is actually Armon Sharei’s first full-time job. He warns that although people often applaud entrepreneurship, lionize its leaders, and paint it as a glamorous adventure, that isn’t really what it’s like.  

  6. Lessons Learned: The Start Of mRNA Technology Development

    Can German, American, Chinese, and other companies worldwide work together to advance the mRNA revolution and possibly launch the new “pharmacy of the world?”

  7. Considerations For Effective International Collaborations

    While there are many key aspects of a successful international collaboration across many time zones and great distance, in our experience — a collaboration between organizations based in the U.S. and Japan — there are a few essential elements.

  8. Turning The Ocean Liner: How To Advocate For A Breakthrough Treatment Paradigm

    Like an ocean liner changing course, the national discussion around “modern” healthcare has moved slowly away from volume toward health outcomes. As such, we in the industry need to be both innovators and advocates for change.

  9. CEO Corner: On Leadership

    “I’m often asked what it takes to be a successful biotech CEO, and as one of the relatively few female CEOs in our industry, what it takes to break the proverbial glass ceiling.”

  10. My Life As A Recovering VC, Zigging Where Others Zag

    Identifying and acquiring medicines would be relatively facile; however, convincing investors that the medicines were valuable was going to be a real challenge.