CEO Corner

  1. Turning The Ocean Liner: How To Advocate For A Breakthrough Treatment Paradigm

    Like an ocean liner changing course, the national discussion around “modern” healthcare has moved slowly away from volume toward health outcomes. As such, we in the industry need to be both innovators and advocates for change.

  2. CEO Corner: On Leadership

    “I’m often asked what it takes to be a successful biotech CEO, and as one of the relatively few female CEOs in our industry, what it takes to break the proverbial glass ceiling.”

  3. My Life As A Recovering VC, Zigging Where Others Zag

    Identifying and acquiring medicines would be relatively facile; however, convincing investors that the medicines were valuable was going to be a real challenge.

  4. Key Considerations For Building A Fully Integrated Biopharmaceutical Company

    There are some key points for biotech companies to consider as they begin to transform their business model to one that captures the business continuum more fully.

  5. Patients And Biopharma: Trusted Partners In Fighting Rare Diseases

    Partnerships between pharmaceutical companies and patient advocacy groups hold the key to closing the rare-disease treatment gap. Their mutual commitment to improving patient care is the foundation for collaborative innovation in rare-disease education and research.

  6. Building A Biotech with A Diversity Mindset

    A diverse workplace is critical to building a successful biotech company. When you’re leading an organization working to bring life-saving drugs to the market, every second matters, and you need to attract and retain the best talent to be successful.

  7. Leaders In Biotech: Raising Our Voices Beyond Industry’s Walls

    The CEO of Ovid Therapeutics, Jeremy Levin, feels no time has ever been better for biopharma leaders to speak out as part of their commitment to this industry.

  8. What Drug Developers Can Learn From Silicon Valley

    Though biotechnology may never be as fast and efficient as software, we can make innovation and development faster — through nothing more than a Silicon-Valley way of thinking.

  9. The Emergence Of New Gene Therapy Hubs

    With gene therapy, we are at the dawn of another era of potentially rapid growth in the sector. And companies planning for their futures will once again consider a range of factors in identifying the optimal locations for gene therapy research and production centers.

  10. How Moving Up Through The Ranks Can Shape A Biotech CEO

    All CEOs of small, publicly traded biotechs are required to wear many hats in the office every day. That’s why having a leader with a diverse background and experience in a variety of functional areas is an asset. Here we look at some of the various areas of expertise that can help create a more diverse C-suite executive.