CEO Corner

  1. Understanding The Many Faces Of Innovation

    By its very definition, innovation may travel long and painful paths, require repeated failure, and invite numerous mistakes to gather experience for bringing forward something new. Lady luck also intervenes occasionally, as well.

  2. Why More Incentives Are Needed To Tackle Antibiotic Resistance

    Antibiotic resistance is a real and immediate threat that is beginning to garner the global attention it needs and deserves. During a meeting of the United Nations in September 2016, the entire General Assembly — 193 nations — reaffirmed its commitment to developing national action plans on combatting antibiotic resistance.

  3. An Insider’s View Of Life Outside The Academic Gilded Cage

    There is a lyric from an old Bob Seger song in which the aging songwriter, lamenting the loss of his youthful prowess once filled with vim and vigor, wonders where the time went (“20 years now; where’d they go; 20 years; I don’t know”).

  4. Can Financial Markets Solve The Ever-Increasing Costs of Healthcare?

    Why hasn't the healthcare industry evolved into vertical segmentation like other industries? Until now, it's because there has been no systematic way to hedge/transfer either institutional or operating risk in the healthcare system because information gathering and delivery is generally limited and poorly organized.

  5. Biotechnology: The Hope For Rare Diseases

    John Crowley, chairman and CEO of Amicus Therapeutics discusses why biotechs in the rare disease space face particularly unique and fundamental challenges.

  6. Drug Company Discovery & Commercialization: An Election Year Analogy

    As I consider the move from clinical to commercialization, it reminds me of the American electoral system – primary elections that are tightly focused and a general election where a candidate faces a vastly broader audience and has the opportunity to engage on a much larger stage and with far greater impact.

  7. The Constant Search For More Efficient Paths To Approval

    There are several general principles that can help accelerate clinical development, beginning and ending with a focus on getting the drug to the patients that need it.

  8. Biopharma Companies Are Focused On Access, Continued Innovation

    Our shared goal should be to design an economically sustainable system that ensures patient access and promotes future innovation. Here are a few keys to consider as we work toward this goal.

  9. In A Political Year, We Need To Remember The Value Of Pharma/Bio

    The drug pricing debate has been particularly challenging for our industry, and, with the presidential election coming up, I can’t help feeling that the attacks will only get worse.